Sunday, June 11, 2006

6 Flags err..6 Tags... 6 Weird Tags

eeew...I just got tagged by Disha :( its time to share 6 Weirdest of the wierdest things about me:

6. Sometimes I get restless when I can't find my Amrutanjan.
5. I feel dizziness when I see a needle/cyringe.
4. I get inferiority complex when I see books. Oh yea.. E-books included
3. I am scared to touch the door knobs. It is inevitable that there *will* be a static dischare.
2. My low bank balances never make me nervous...i've got used to it.
1. I check my email even though I am absolutely sure that I wont be having any new emails(cuz i just checked it a couple of mins ago ;) )

Its time for my friends to share my karma :P
ladies and gentleman, the next 6 friends who have been tagged are:

1. Praveen
2. Karthik
3. Kishan
4. Divya
5. Sachi
6. tA.vI.shri

If you are a *privileged blogger* (listed above ), all you need to do is write 6 weird things about you. Also make sure you tag 6 other people. ;)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

*The Moment*

The Moment

[7:29PM Dallas, Texas]

I had to call up a girl to find out about an apartment nearby. We had a short n sweet conversation and I felt her voice was sweet. I said I will be there in about 2 mins time and started rolling on my Honda Accord. While I was traveling, her voice was looping in my mind like a sweet cuckoo. I reach her apt complex but I am waiting at a different entrance. I called her up again n once again I hear that sweet voice saying "please come near the other entrance". So again I start thinking and felt that there is something special waiting for me. I almost reached the other entrance and I saw her talking to me on the phone. I felt that *This* is the moment. I stopped the car, took the car keys n cell phone with me and forgot to close the door. I went to her n raised my hand and said "HI..I'm Manjesh", she too raised her hand and said "hi..i'm vani". I almost touched her hand and suddenly I get an electric shock :O. For a moment I thought is it really the moment that I was looking for? the way they show in Indian movies..something gr8 happens when the hero meets the heroine for the first time.... Unfortunately that moment didn't last for long as I quickly realised that it was just a static discharge. :P

You wudn't have read about this blog had I closed my car door. That way the static charge wud have been discharged. (thanx to my Honda Accord Coupe ;) )

In the end i'm still waiting for *The Moment* to happen

[Looks like a modern day hindi movie isn't it? total disaster movies/endings :D ]

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My First Car - Honda Accord EX

When I was doing my Engineering, I had this dream of buying a Ford Ikon. Over a period of time, my idea of buying a car transformed from a Ford Ikon to a Ford Mustang to a Mazda 3. After searching for a car for more than two months, I have finally brought a 2001 Honda Accord EX Sports/Coupe model. The moment I drove this car, I decided that this is the car I am buying. Let me start bitchin' about my car right away ;)

Model: 2001 Honda Accord EX 2 Dr
Transmission: Auto ( I wanted a Manual transmission *crying* )
Mileage: 28(city)/34(Highway) MPG
Color: Black!
Interior: Power windows, Power Seat, In Dash 6 CD Changer/Tape Player, Sun/Moon Roof
Exterior: Rear Spoiler, Keyless Entry.

I took a few pics at the Hindu Temple at Irving while performing Vehicle Blessing(Vaahana Pooja)...Enjoy

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Monday, May 15, 2006

Exactly one month later...

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

It took me nearly 3 weeks to get Rahul's b'day pics.
It took me 1 week for my laziness to subside.
It took me 10min to write this blog.
It takes a minute for you to go thru this blog.

Gosh...can't imagine that my laziness level has gone way beyond the threshold value.
You guys enjoy these pics for now. I've got another surprise for you ;)...wait wait..not yet...wait for my next blog article.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rahul n Praveena's B'day

The dude who has taken up my position back home, RAHUL, will be celebrating his 3rd birthday tomorrow(16th April). All I can say is that I miss him a lot *with_nostalgic_feeling*. Everytime he goes to Tirupati to offer his hair, he gets more n more notorious :) . According to my sister, he is WMD...destroys whatever he finds on the way.

To my lovely aLiya Rahul Happy b'day to you!

One of my best buddy, Praveena, is celebrating her b'day on April 18th. She is one gal who will always (as in *always*) bump into some sort of problem one way or the other. But the best part is the way she explains how she confronted that situation. Hope this year wud bring you lot of joy and happiness (apart from the usual problems :) ).

Wish you a very happy B'day gal!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Ugadi

"yuga yugaadi kaLedaru yugaadi maraLi barutide"

once again ugadi festival is back with a bang. I am really missing those mango leaves at the entrance, castor oil massage n shower, New dress, lovely sweet dish *hOLige* (a.k.a obbattu) n deadly combination of Lemon Rice + Rasam. There are few things which are best enjoyed with the family.
I cannot get the same experience in US as I could have got in India. But atleast I will try to get a similar experience.

Once again wish you all a very Happy Ugadi. May this new year bring joy and happiness to you and everyone of your family and friends.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

March B'days

March is one month in which so many of my close friends n relatives are celebrating their birthday. Here is a short list:

Mar 5: Suhas (cousin)
Mar 5: Ramya (cousin)
Mar 8: Manjula (cousin)
Mar 9: Leela (akka)
Mar 9: Nandini (friend)
Mar 11: Anand Thirtha (friend)
Mar 14: Indu (cousin)
Mar 16: Arvind (friend)
Mar 17: Jeevan (cousin)
Mar 17: Kishan (friend)
Mar 19: Praveen Shivashankar(friend)
Mar 23: Sindhu Srivatsa (friend)
Mar 29: Ajay Kumar (friend)

Wishing you all a very(or)belated(or)in advance - happy birthday!