Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Now I am Mobile Manjudu :)

*eddu_biddu_oddaDing* eeeeehaaa.... i got my new Nokia 3220 cellphone yesterday evening. Its kinda neat... perfect party phone with 4lights( jote lights kuNiyutte ). The best part is that you can customize it in the way you like, be it ringtones n wallpapers or the facaplates or the back cover. all i can say is *Its a really cool thing*. will upload some pix of my cellphone pretty soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

With less powers comes less responsibilities?

"With great powers, comes great responsiblities" - from the movie Spiderman.
It has been 1 year holding the Treasurer/webmaster position at the India Students Association in our university. Our term started off with a mere 43$ in the ISA account and today we have handed over nearly 2K(not in Rs :D) to the new ISA committee, inspite of spending on every possible event you can think of, thanx to all our committee members!!! But at the end of the day, I could not answer one simple question "What did you get by doing so much?" is it name? or fame? or satisfaction? or just waste of time?. Now, all I can say is that i'm done with it :)

Same day i've quit as Admin @ forum. i've achieved what I wanted before I quit. I know it was a harsh decision. anywayz... is now in a position to maintain its #1 position even without me ;) gr8 going!!! Now its like you know, i need not have really worry about anything.. relaxed, calm, no worries, no barriers, no rules!!! and my mind is like a freshly formatted Hard disk.

oh I forgot... what do you think? "with less powers, comes less responsibilities?"

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Morning Raga

If you think that you are fed up listening to Country/Hip-Hop/Rock/Trance music, why don't you try a Fusion album? Recently, I came across one such album "Morning Raga" which is a classical fusion(Thanks to Praveen). Morning Raga is a hindi movie released in the year 2004, though I haven't seen that movie till now, tell you what, the songs in this movie are pretty cool. The songs that I liked the most in this album are
1. Jagadodharana - Bombay Jayashree
2. Thaye yeshode - Sudha Raghunathan & Rajini ramakrishnan
3. Mathey - Sudha Raghunathan & Kalyani Menon
4. Samaja varagamana - Gayathri

If you wanna listen to these songs, you can find it on or use this link
PS: this link works for only 7days and there is also a limit of 25downloads.

If this album has influenced a person like me who is always behind hip-hop/R&B/Techno/Rock, then you can know for yourself the potential this album has got.
Why wait?? Headphone on, full volume n enjoy the Morning Raga!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Spring 2005 Farewell

At last, all the exams are over for this semester n now its time to party!!!! Yesterday nite there was a get-together/potluck dinner @ Devanand Maski's house and it was nice to meet everyone. Food was amazing!!! Then went to 519 Laramie for a KEG party(no use for me though) as Viskan n Thomas graduated today(n Vikram too). Then came home and at 12AM, we had this Spring 2005 Farewell cake cut and a 2hr long discussion followed that , discussing about the good and bad things that happened during the semester.
During the discussion, nidhi asked for pepsi n i gave this 2ltr sealed bottle n it just slipped n fell on the ground. When I opened that bottle , I felt like "i was a winner"... lol... it was like opening a champaign bottle, within no time all that place was filled with pepsi n i am such a dumb a*s that i am sitting there holding it n enjoying the way it was spilling out. It was not just the hall, even in the kitchen i am just holding it n the floor was like eeeer sticky sticky. My dress was a total mess. If u wanna have a good look at the pple behind this scene, just see the photo below ;)

Welcome Summer 2005!!!!!

pple who messed up our apt are standing there n enjoying what happened. Just have a look at that guys pant n shirt... oh man... totally messed up ;) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Happy Married Life Ajay n Karthik!!!!

*lol*... relax... idyaavaginda bhaaratadalli shuruvaitu anta keLtideera??? *lol* i didn't mean that Ajay n Karthik are getting married... well, they are getting married... same time, same day, same city.... but with different girls *lol* *lol* *lol*. (manasinalli: ajay n karthik inda chappli yeTu guarantee... u know.. combo attack ;) )

Yes, namma BTL Collegina "Saapad Rama" anta pamous aagiruva Ajay Kumar indu SumaaLa kayyi hiDidanu... ajay bagge heLbekandre ee blog space overflow aagogutte *lol*.

haage nam karthik saha nimge gottalva... ade nam RJ haagu nanna blogna regular visitor.... Karthik a.k.a kaari indu same time, same day, same city, but @ different chatradalli with a different huDgi "Soumya" jote maduve aaging.

(abba... huDgi hesaru saha gamanisidra??? suma n soumya... sounds similar rite ;) )

Karthik n ajay uncles haagu
Soumya n Suma attiges ge WISH U A VERY HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!!!!

hehe.... ide reeti next function yaavaga??? *innocent*

PS: ibbru nim nim maduve photosna kaLsrappa... naanu noDbeku :)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Manji gettin' upgraded with new cellphone!!!

"T-Mobile inda ee Manji mobile aagtidaane, inna neevu?" - this is similar to the one in which actor Srinath was saying for JTM long time ago.

Y'day nite I placed an order for T-mobile 600min/month with Unltd weekends n nights plan with Nokia 3220 cellphone. Thought 3220 is not that gr8 interms of looks, I am gettin' all the features that I wanted like.. its a TriBand phone with IR port, light weight, SpeakerPhone n on top of that its pretty cheap n the total cost will turn out to be that i'll get back $100. I'd say its Perfect for pple whose bank balance is hovering around two-digits n single-digits (chukles ).

See these links for more info on the cellphone

My other Options were
Samsung E715 & Nokia 6600. E715 was pretty gud with lotsa good looking features which i don't use at all.. but it didn't have the essential features that i wanted n i had to stick with 3220. Nokia 6600 was my first option earlier, but then that phone was not available currently + it was a bit expensive as well.

Will write a detailed review on Nokia3220 once I get it. till then

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

out of adrushTa

I am totally pissed off today becoz I didn't get one RA position(swalpa duDDu jaasti irodu ;) ) just becoz I had full 40hr RA job during Summer :( ... adu bere mailnalli adanne highlight maaDi bere heLidaane... just becoz of that ninage koDtilla anta... RA iddru problemmu anta eevatte gottagiddu :((
anywayz... eegiro RA positionne gaTTi aadangaaitu... ee sari lakshmi krupe toralilla :(

Hey u know what.. today it is our RJ Chaitra's B'day!!!!! happy b'day Chai!!! eshTu out of adrushTa andre Chai's b'day cake saha siglilla :((

innu bere enaadru keTTadaagi bareyokinta munche, ee postanna illige nillising.