Saturday, May 14, 2005

Spring 2005 Farewell

At last, all the exams are over for this semester n now its time to party!!!! Yesterday nite there was a get-together/potluck dinner @ Devanand Maski's house and it was nice to meet everyone. Food was amazing!!! Then went to 519 Laramie for a KEG party(no use for me though) as Viskan n Thomas graduated today(n Vikram too). Then came home and at 12AM, we had this Spring 2005 Farewell cake cut and a 2hr long discussion followed that , discussing about the good and bad things that happened during the semester.
During the discussion, nidhi asked for pepsi n i gave this 2ltr sealed bottle n it just slipped n fell on the ground. When I opened that bottle , I felt like "i was a winner"... lol... it was like opening a champaign bottle, within no time all that place was filled with pepsi n i am such a dumb a*s that i am sitting there holding it n enjoying the way it was spilling out. It was not just the hall, even in the kitchen i am just holding it n the floor was like eeeer sticky sticky. My dress was a total mess. If u wanna have a good look at the pple behind this scene, just see the photo below ;)

Welcome Summer 2005!!!!!


shruthi said...

anthoo inthoo xam ovverr..puNyaatma..go and enjoy..have a great time..

pepsigoo champagnegoo vyatyaasa goththaaglilvaa..??!!adakke..pepsi sweet revenge thogondiddu..

paapa..look at you..anyway..(nanna upgradation bagge maathaadthiddeeyalla..adenoo stereo-mono..dts..ultrasound anthella..)...kyun dhonewaali nahin mil rahi hain kya..??!!

Manjesh said...

Enjoyment ella eevattige mugitu. naaLe inda next 3tiMgaLu 8-5officenallirbeku *cryin*
planned to do lots of stuff this summer, lets see.
huu... pepsi revenge tagoLtu ;)

*dhonewaali* upgrade options eno bejaan ide, but current schemes yaavdu sari illa, oLLe offergaagi waitingu. For now, nan baTTe naane *dhoing*.