Friday, December 30, 2005

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

December Rox!!!

People all around the world are celebrating Christmas week. not just that... Just imagine the intensity of excitement everyone in the world will be having to say good bye to the old year and welcome the new year with zeal. With never ending sales going on all around it feels like everyone are celebrating the the birthday of the lucky few who were born during this fun filled last one week of the year. Three of them who are celebrating their b'day in this electrifying last one week of the year are:

23rd: 'ghalakupadi' Gunjan

27th: 'cool dude' that'z me ;)

29th: 'what' Charani

wish you all a very very happy birthday.

Image Details:
Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan
Date: July 4 2005
Camera: Canon Powershot S1 - IS
pple(L to R): naanu, Gunjan, Charani
clue about location: watch the song "Car Car elnoDi car" from the movie "Nanna Preetiya Hudugi" ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kansas Transit comes to an end.

tumba dina aadmyaake matte nanna blog kaDe kaalittivni. eevattu swalpa 1month.du flash byak haakbittu naaLe inda swalpa hot hot masala topics bagge bariteeni. okay na ;)

novembernalli ashtondu events mugida nantara, naanu nanna semester bEga mugisalu swalpa oddADabEkaitu. 3weeks munchitavAgi ella kelasakaryagaLanna mugisabeku anta ittidda target, kaDegU 2weeks munchitavAgi ella mugiside. Job hunt maaDabeku anta muDupAgiTTidda 2vaara naanu bari documentarygaLanna nODuvudarallE kaLedubitte. tumba informative documentaries!!!
last week before the end of class, tOpi haakisikoLLuva kAryakramavittu. gottalva enanta.. Graduation Ceremony. tumba chennagi topi haakiddru. horage prev day sikkapatte snow biddittu. but graduation dina sakkat sunny ittu. so ambience tumba chennagittu. Graduation aada marudinavE naanu Dallas, move aade.
24/7 InternetnallE muLugiro(Internet junkie anta heLtaaralva) illi kaLeda 10 dinagaLinda dialup internet use maaDi maaDi nanna BP level swalpa jaasti aagirOdralli doubtE illa ;)
pretty soon cable internet barutte anta land lord heLavLe. adu baruva varegu ee naraka yaatane tappiddalla. :(

sari eevaga naanu kaLachikoLing. more l8r *tada*

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Naanu mattu November

~~~~~~~~Welcome byak to my blog~~~~~~

Is it got something to do with the weather? or is it just in my mind?
I just can't believe that this is the first blog that i am writing in the month of November.

Lot of gud things happened in November. Here is a an abstract list:

11th: Best buddy Kishore got married. Wish you a very happy married life!!!

16th: nam univ.nalli India nite "Utsav 2005" ittu.

18th: I had my MS Final Defense n it went pretty good

19th: Dad's 61st b'day!!! way to go dad!!!

19th: India won the cricket match against South Africa and that too in Bangalore!!! We watched the entire match online thru "Directv" , from 3AM to 10AM.

19th: nam Ex-Presidento Sham Kashyap huttu habba aacharisikonDiddu. cake ultimate.aagittu. ;) gottalva.. cake thinkke ellig bekaadru barteeni :D

21st: my classmate Sunil DN (Doddaballapura) got married. Wish U a very happy married life dude!!!

22nd: Happy Thanksgiving!!! But i have decided not to do any shopping during this year's Thanksgiving sales.

23rd: Played cricket.

24th: Will be going to Kansas City to see how amru's celebrate Thanksgiving. alli hOgi Turkey kOLi thinnOdu ashtrallE irutte. sumne hOgi noDkonDu barOdashte.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Color Color Colorsu , Fall Colorsu

Its been a while since I last blogged(bugged ;) ). Well, u know what I would be saying, so better not say it :D Even in this busy schedule one thing doesn't go unnoticed. Well yea, it is the fall colors. You must be aware of the starting scene of the movie "Mohabattein", those brown leaves fallin' in slow motion... that is exactly what I see everyday when I walk from my apartment to department. Just can't capture that beauty on a photograph. On one side, you feel so good that it is such a picturesque view, but on the other side, you feel so sorry that this beauty will be wiped out within no time :(. There is nothing more special than walking in a winter day, looking at the grey sky n brown leaves n dreaming about California by humming the Perfect song for the perfect setting. It is none other than "California Dreaming" by "Mamas and the Papas". This song was also used as a soundtrack in one of my alltime fav movie "Forrest Gump".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Film Actor Ramesh on phone!!!

"naanu Ramesh, USA inda"

Yesterday nite @ 8:30PM i got a phone call from Sridhar saying that he would me meeting Film Actor Ramesh (in California) in 30min and he also asked me to see if I could try to stream it LIVE in our Kannada Kasturi 24/7 Radio station. The deal was I will set up the live feed from my laptop to our radio mainstream n Ramesh will talk to our radio listeners. I got everything setup for streaming in a very short *really short* span of time (thanx to praveen for helping me in testing it) and I even installed VOIP Buster to make a phone call from my PC so that I could stream my soundcard output to the radio. All set up n i just called up n Sridhar asked me to talk to Ramesh. For a second I was like MAAAAANNNN, i'm blank.. I went into a shock. Ramesh took the phone and
RAMESH: HI!! naanu Ramesh USA inda
Neo a.k.a Manjesh: namskara Ramesh sir, hEgideera?
Ramesh: naanu bombat
Neo: hEge naDitide nimma america concertgaLu
Ramesh: tumba chennagi naDitide
Neo: nimma hosa chalana chitra "Rama Shama Bhaama" hEge naDitide
Ramesh: Rama Shama Bhaama innu release aagilla alva
Neo: *nagutta* houdu... release aagilla gottu... naanu ee chitrada pubicity bagge keLtidde. tumba jOraagi naDitirbekalva
Ramesh: *nagutta* haa houdu houdu... Rama Shama Bhaama chitrada pubilicity tumba chennagide. neevellarU ee chitravanna nOdi prOtsaahisabEku. namage tumba kutoohala ide nimma reaction hEgirutte anta.
Neo: nammellara prOtsaaha yaavagalU iddE irutte sir
Ramesh: thank you thank you
Neo: eevaga namma Internet radio station 24hrs online service ide, eevaga saakashtu online listeners saha neevu maataDtiruvudanna LIVEaagi keLtaa idaare
Ramesh: oh houda
Neo: avarigaagi neevu ondu message heLbeku anta naavu keLkoLtaa ideevi
Ramesh: Kannada gella Ramesh maaDuva namaskaragaLu....
*keek*----line disconnects

I felt so bad that I missed the most interesting part. I got really angry @ VOIP Buster software. Atleast, I was happy that I almost made it possible in the short span of time, working with 10different windows on my laptop ;)

*This was the first ever LIVE conversation in our radio station*. Now we know the pitfalls n next time, we know what to do to take care of it;)

PS: Ramesh is currently in USA for "Kannada Manoranjani" program to be performed in many big cities in USA. For details visit:

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

KFM Rox!!! chamak geetegaLu

ittechege oLLoLLe kannada chalanachitrageetegaLu baruttive.

naanu hecchaagi keLutiruva geetegaLu:

Slow Songs:
1. Shishya - Artha maaDkoLo
2. Deadly Soma - Usire Usiru
3. Swamy - Minchina kaNNina
4. Amruthadhaare - nee amruthadhaare
5. Shambu - Dheem Dheem thana
6. Nenapirali - olavu ontiyalla
7. Akash - Aahe enta aa kshaNa
8. Namma basava - allolla kallolla
9. Oo Gulabiye - manase mannisu
10. Shambu - eno eno enaagideyo

Fast track geetegaLu:
1. Auto shankar - kabaddi kabaddi
2. Shishya - Jumki bittu
3. Swamy - Rambhe ninage
4. Mental Manja - Mental Manja theme
5. Namma Basava - Rukku Rukku Rukkamma

ella kELi anandisi!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Call out Gouranga be happy

"Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!"

this is the message that I got yesterday from some unknown person called Neateye ( ). I was so perplexed that I ended up searching for it on google and came to know that it is kinda spam. Its not an ordinary spam, it somehow sneaks into your inbox bypassing all the spam blockers. What's more interesting is the message. Somewhere on the web, Gouranga was mentioned to be a sanskrit mantra meaning "happiness".

Any thoughts/explainations?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

iPod Nano - Sneak Peek

All you music freaks must be eagerly waiting to see what iPod Nano has to offer. I did get an oppurtunity to have a look at it in our university electronics store and here is my view on it.

1. No doubt, iPod nano is ultra light weight, compact and looks cool.
2. Cost wise $250 for a 4Gig nano (and $200 for 2Gig nano) seems to be reasonable considering the improvements with respect to looks from iPod mini to iPod nano.
3. iPod nano comes with a color display.
4. Another major addition is that you can store and view photos.
5. Everything else is the similar to iPod mini.

On the other hand,
1. iPod nano is a flash based mp3 player. One major advantage of using flash for storage would obviously be the size of it, which they have utilized it properly. However, Apple claim that nano gives 14hrs battery life which I feel was pretty less for a flash based mp3 player because of the fact that it has a color LCD screen. Hope they can improvise on that cuz battery life is very crucial for an mp3 player.
2. Technology wise I feel iPod doesn't want to provide built-in FM tuners and voice recoder features to keep their accessory sales going strong. Though it is a very good strategy for now, it may lose out to its competitors who provide all-in-one mp3 players for much lower price if they come up with products in size smaller like iPod nano.
3. I feel the height of this product should be reduced by a small amout to make it look even better.

Now what about SONY's walkman?
Sony will be launching their oval shaped flash based mp3 players as an answer to iPod nano sometime in november this year. Though its too early to compare these two products, I feel once again it is too late for Sony to launch their products and it is losing its customers in this fast track market :( Will it continue to happen like this or will Sony change their strategies?..only time should answer this question.

But right now, all I can say is that "ipod Nano should be a perfect gift item for your near and dear ones...go...get one n gift one"

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Mechanical Artificial Neohuman Justified for Efficient Sabotage and Harm

nanna friend obba ondu link kaLisidda.. idralli nimma hesaranna haakiddre adanna use maaDi jhing-chakaaagi ondu acronym koDutte.

neevU try maaDi.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Next Generation NamakaraNa

Considering the fact that in this generation, everything is connected via Internet, what do you think you might name your kids as? something like "Rahul" or "Pooja"??? hehe... no way, cuz they are all this generation names. How about about naming our kids with IP Address? something like . I know i am out of my mind...but it really sounds hilarious rit :)

nimagAgi ondereDu conversations....
Seetamma: nanna maga tumba chennagi computer ella kaltidaane
Geetamma: houdaa gud gud... andahaage nimma maga indiadallEnA huttiddu?
Seetamma: houdu, nimage hEge gottaitu?
Geetamma: nimma magana IP address noDi heLde :). adirli, eevaga enu maDtidaane avanu?
Seetamma: ondu nimisha iri geetamma, ping maaDi noDteeni.
Geetamma: namma sodaratte magaLu amerikadallidaaLe Intelnalli kelsa maDtidaaLe, nimma maga haagu ivaLige ondu connection establish maDsiddre hEge Seetamma?
Seetamma: tumba oLLe suddi, IP details ella kaLsi Geetamma adu noDbiDoNa :)

(nimma areadalli enu kathe?)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gowri - Ganesha Habbada ShubhashayagaLu

Ganesha Ganesha anta hELtaa ee blog geeching. :)

ellarigU Gowri-Ganesha Habbada ShubhashayagaLu!!!

Blog BandhugaLu: taavu Gowri habbakke enu maaDidri?
Manjesh: Gowri habba girls habba alva, namage enu spl illa. amele illi USnalli Gowriyanna huDukOdu tumba kashta, adikke namma college Foodcourtnalli kuLitu 1hr *gOri* darshana maDide.

Blog BandhugaLu: beLigge eno gOri darshana jOraagiyE maaDideera ansutte aadre saMje n raatri enu maaDidri?
Manjesh: oho heLOdE maretidde, eevattu nanna roommate Varun Kumar.du birthday ittu, adikke sakala siddategaLanna maaDi cake cut maaDidvi. Ganesha habba avana b'day dina bandirodu sakkat interesting vishaya.

Blog BandhugaLu: Ganesha habbakke nimma plans enu?
Manjesh: oLLe dina oLLoLLe karyagaLanna maaDiddre tumba oLLedaagutte anta beLbeLigge eddu hosa T-shirt haakikonDu OPT session attend maaDibande.

Blog BandhugaLu: ishTu dina taavu elli absconding aagiddri?
Manjesh: adanna detailaagi innondu blog geechteeni.

Blog BandhugaLu: blog bandhugaLige nimma salahe?
Manjesh: illantU Ganeshana vigraha sigodu kashTa, so nimma nimma manegaLalli Ganeshananna Install(kooDisiddre) maaDiddre adara chAyachitragaLanna kaLuhisi, nOdiyaadaru khushi paDabahudu anta heLta nanna ee short Ganesha habba spl illigE muktAyagoLisuttiddene. namskara.

(background: Blog BandhugaLu yedva tadva chappaLe haagu seeti(whistle) hODitidaare )

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

back to 08/30/2003

nennege sariyaagi 2 varsha aitu...

andu nanna manasigaada gaaya endU aaradu
nooraaru kanasugaLu nucchunooradavu
ninna nenapugaLu endU aLeyadu
sadaa naguttA, ellarannU nagisuttiddaLu
jaati emba shoolake sikki maNNaadaLu
sneha premagaLa hesarinali amaraLaadaLu

"May your soul Rest In Peace"

sadaa naguttA, ellarannU nagisuttidda nanna snEhitana jeevanadalli birugaaLi shuruvaayitu. nanagE ishTu dukha aaguttirbekaadre ninage eshtu dukha aagutte anta nanage artha aagutte, aadrU neenu idarinda horage baralE beku. ninna swanta uddeshavaagadiddarU atleast maneyavara oLLeyadakkAgi. pls pls try to get out of this trauma :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lets "Talk" the Google way

So here it is.... IM service from google "Google Talk" which everyone were waiting this long. Just now I have installed the new beta release version and it seems to be pretty simple, no flashy looks, as simple as it can get. It comes with the integrated gmail notifier. If you are reading between lines and trying to find the link to download it, there you go

Once you install it, you can sign in using your gmail id n password n if you don't have a gmail account yet, pls send me an email n I can send you an invite.

ayyo yaaro aagle buzz maDtidaare "Google Talk"nalli.... aamele sikteeni.
Lets "Google Talk"

Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome Fall 2K5

nenne ereDu nimisha shOkaacharaNe/moUnAcharaNe naMtara eevattu nanna aMtima semester official.aagi shuruvAgide. Hosa enappa spl anta keLteera? ee semester.nalli yaavudE vignagaLAgadirali anta Ganesha T-shirt haakikonDideeni. (sem sariyaagi aaglilla andre aamele jana heLbaardalva, neenu ganeshana pooje maaDilla anta :D ).

mane iMda horage baruttiddaMtE you can really feel that youth. 3tiMgaLiMda absconding aagidda ~27 saavira jana(adralli ~15K huDgeeru) ella vaapas bandidaare. ellellu COLOR COLOR college COLOR.

nanna barodikke Shuttle service summer break nantra matte shuruvAgide. aa bus 2min taDavAgi bandrU best part enappa andre modalidda haLE gaaDi na tagedu haaki, hosa gaaDi haakidaare...very luxurious... but eevattu sikkapaTTe humidity ide :(

inna 3.5months hEge hOguttE annodu gottE aagolla... hEgE bareetA bareetA ondu dina "End of Fall 2k5" anta ondu blog bandirutte + adakkU nimmella comments bandirutte biDi.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Clouds play hide n seek

after a long long wait, finally the sky broke loose and there you go.... a thunderstorm.

We finished our midnight walmart shopping @ 2AM n everything was fine then. after abt n hour or so, it started lightening n there was a downpour. I thought it wud be fun n i have captured a small video clip of it. Here is the link to download it

My impression was that it wud rain like hell that day, but when i was in the balcony watching the rain, I cud see the clouds moving so fast and yea all the rain n thunder was over within 10min. n that left us yesterday in a hot sun with temperatures @ a soaring high of 100 F (equivalent to 38 deg C).

y'day nite again it started to thunder, but there was no rain.

lets see what will happen tonite (I am pretty sure it won't rain tonite either. anyone wanna take a bet? )

but just before u close this window, "varamahaa lakshmi habbada shubashayagaLu" !!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!!

ellarigU swataMtra dinAcharaNeya shubhashayagaLu!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still Enigma?

Recently Kishan played a mind game n described Enigma's personality. (I really donno how he got it right, but it is gud for us *confused yet happy* ). But she(officially confirmed) was trying to hide her name from us which made me more curious to find it out. Today morning(9AM CST) the first thing that I did was to do find Enigma's real name. ree enigma, here is the deal, I give your name, and you give your b'day which shud be within the next 10days. So my dear friends, I hereby disclose my findings and Enigma's real name is (pls scroll down for answer)

... server authentication: SUCCESS...

... connecting to database: OK

... response complete: OK


Got the Results: and Enigma's real name is: Divya

*Crazy Colonel nagu* -> *yehey aaha*

Out of Syllabus:(bonus points if you answer this): Divya, are you working in NDS? and are you a 2004 passout? *unconfirmed findings, just a hunch*

Friday, August 05, 2005

Aug 5 6 7, HB2 Everyone

Aug 5: Its none other than the most stubborn gal, yet she is one of the best buddies i've ever met in my life(till now *KilaKila* ), successfully completed a silver jubilee :)

Gud luck n have a gr8 yr ahead n who knows... by next b'day u might be YAYA(Yet Another Young Aunty)

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

Aug 6th: The man who moved to Dallas last week in search of his future, Varun Rao (Undercover Agent Rao), celebrates his B'day on Aug 6th. Many many happy returns of the day!!! and Gud Luck for your job hunt.

Aug 7th: "My Cousin Sunny" hehe...(like the movie "My Cousin Vinny"). Sunil works for Infy n he is currently in San Jose, CA along with Kavita attige on a project. He is celebrating his b'day one 7th Aug (7/8? Or 8/7?). Happy Birthday to you Sunil!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sexy Sonia - "I like it Sonia, I like it "

"I like it Sonia, I like it "
This is the new Mp3 player from Sony that i brought like 2weeks back n I haven't taken it off from the moment I got this. This is what i've gotta say when u have to make a choice between and iPod Shuffle and a Sony Network Mp3 Player.

Top 3 reasons to go for a Sony Network MP3 player (NW-507) over an Apple iPod Shuffle

1. Battery Life: iPod Shuffle gives your a battery life of mere 12hrs playtime. Sony player on the other hand give you 50 hours of playtime. + it has a turbo charge, means like if you charge it for 3mins, you can use it for 3hrs!!!

2. Display: iPod Shuffle doesn't have any song display. Sony has a 3 line Organic LED display which really make the product to be the first choice for looks. OLED display rox!!!

3. FM Tuner: iPod shuffle doesn't come with a built-in FM tuner. Sony has a built-in FM Tuner

Cost? 1Gig iPod Shuffle = $140
1G Sony NW507 = $200

Looks? No way you can compare a sexy looking silver faced sony player with a flat white iPod Shuffle. Sony Player Rox!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

bari gOLu

ondu kaDe nanna Yahoo Messenger.nalli tipparlaaga haakiddru offline messages bartaane illa. :(
(tipparlaga = is a kind of unique jump, similar to some athletics)

aa tipparlaaga defn saha wrong ansutte :(

mane muMde cricket tagonDre 6ball badalu 10ball maaDtideeni, 20run badalu 2run maDtideeni, laDDu drop maaDtideeni. (sadhayakke thooth gallery oMdu biDtilla ;) )

cycle noDiddre wheel bend aagogaithe, speed.aagi hOgodikkE aagtilla :(

cell phone tagonDre, office.nalli signallE sariyaagi siktilla :(

laptop tagondre maatige muMche "Explorer has performed illegal operation" anta eno baDkoltittu (monne ella reinstall maDide, eevaga parvagilla) :(

Kannada chitra noDakke banrappa andre yaaru barodilla, kannaDadavarigiMda bereyavarE hecchu jana bandiddru :(

website.gaLanna tagonDre, adrallU sikkapaTTe gOLu, barI gOLu, barI gOLu :((
(i assure you that my next post will be much better in all ways :) )

Thursday, July 14, 2005

naanu byak!!!

he/she: are you online?
he/she: Buzz
he/she: helooo
he/she: Buzz

----aDachaNegaagi kshamisi----

Me: yea now I am online.

kaaraNaMtaragaLiMda blog bariyodikke aaglE illa :( dayavittu kshamisi. last 2weeks bagge brief.aagi heLbekandre
1. July 4th naavu Indianapolis, Detroit haagu St. hogidvi. tumba chennagitte trippu(as usual)

2. kaLeda weekend naDeda Innondu cricket tourneyalli levellaagi ella(2) match.gaLannu sOthu eevaga definate.aagi namge meese maNNAgide aMta heLOdikke bejaar aagtide :D

3. naanu namma Engineering college.du alumni website maaDtideeni :D mooLe haakiTTideeni, inna adakke maMsa tuMbisabeku ;) neevU saha aa website nODi GuestBook sign maaDabekAgi vinaMti

mikkiddanna next post.nalli bariteeni.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ellellU habba

eevattu Detroit.nallirtakkanta HONEYgavana raaNi "maMgaLa (adheshTnEdo gottilla) huttu habba aachariskonDlu. nimge huttu habbada hrutpoorvaka shubashayagaLu!!! devru ninage mooru makkaLanna koTTu nooru kaala sukhavaagiTTirli. ivarige wish maaDuva saluvaagi nenne raatri 12 phone maaDidare siglilla. beLigge phone maaDiddru bejaan engage ittu phoneline. naMtara mangala, praveen n naanu conference maaDidvi. vishrut(maMgaLa magaLa? alla maga ;) ) jote maataDidvi. ultimate.aagi maataaDtaane. ivnu heLo first sentence "I LOVE U" anta. adanna heLkoTTa puNyaatmaru yaaro *yochange maaDing*.

nenne noDiddre namma vasantamma(adE namma NJ kOgile) silent.aagi "naavu nenne 20th wedding aniversary aachariskonDvi" anta kannaDada prakhyaata hinnale gaayakaraadaMta "Rajesh Krishanan haagu HariPriya avara vivaaha mahotsavada" photo haaki(illU haakideeni nODi) wishes tiLista ondu thread shuru maaDi adralli heLiddru. naavu saha ivarige wishes tiLisoNa alve :)

Rajesh Krishnan maduve Photo

Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy Married life Vandana n Suresh!!!

lets wish our forum huDuga Suri n his hosa henDti "Vandana" a very happy married life.(nenne, andre 26th, mavude aaitu). i don't have words to explain abt Suri n Suri-ism...u've gotta enjoy it for youself. here are some of the links of interest
nenne monne illE aaTa aaDkonDidda. aagle maduve maaDkonDbitta. :)

monne Nayan(nayan.du bejaan kathegaLive, detail.aagi innondu dina bariteeni, no worries) online sikkidda, aavaga avnu " infy huDugi jote engagement aagogide" anta heLda. ee dabba nan maga shantu(short n sweet.aagi sha anta kariteevi) yaarigU heLde keLde engagement maaDkonDbiTTidaane. :( atleast maduvegaadru karitaano ilvo anta kaadu noDoNa.

andahaage bahaLa divasagaLa naMtara naanu ondu radio karyakrama maaDidde, Hamsalekha huTTuhabbada sanniveshavaagi "hannereDakke Hams" anta ondu chamak karyakrama radiodalli mooDi baruttide ;)
hecchina vivaragaLige ee suutravanna guraaysi :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

maneyalli multiplex!!!

nenne namma apartmentnalli oMdu hosa kraaMti..enu gotta? speaker kraaMti. nanna roomie obba nenne 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker system tagoMDa.. avana roominalli naalku kONegu naalu speakers aMTisi chamakkAgi setup maadidvi. nanna innobba roomie last yr ondu 4.1 speaker system tagoMDidda, but adanna use maaDtanE irlilla, sari anta nenne avana roominalli avana speaker neat.aagi plan maaDi setup maaDivi. ashTalladE, nanna baLi iruva 3.1 sub-woofer speaker hallnalli setup maaDideeni. ashTallade hallnalli nanna disco lights + kelavu kool lights ive. namma maneyanna eevaga Multiplex.aagi convert maaDikonDideevi. so yaaru elli yaavaga bekaadru movie noDabahudu ;)

naaLe nite namma apt complex get-together ide n this week namma maneyalli host maaDtideevi. so ellaru noDi sustaagogbeku *whoaaahhahahha*

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cricket: Lucky 3 or Unlucky 3?

namma universityalli kaLeda weekend naDeda Cricket tournament bagge 2days iMda bariyakkaagale illa :( sari brief.aagi ondu blade haakteeni keLi

Friday idda matchnalli sikkapaTTe josh thOrisi boundry taDeyakke hOgi jaari biddu, pant harkonDiddallade, maMDi swalpa shred aaitu. *goLOOO anta aLing*. josh jaasti ittalva, saturday naDeda league matchgaLalli aggressive fielding n bowling performance.(kaaraNaataragaLiMda medium-pace badalu spin bowling.. idakke reason nanna blognalle ondu kaDe baredidde. time iddre huDuki). Final league match was against the hot favourites to win the tournament. sOlOde solteevante, oLLe fight koDoNa anta aaDidvi...avaru aase aakaaMkshegaLige neererechidvi.. heenaayavaagi sOlisdvi!!! Sunday naDeda semi-finalsnalli namma geluvu swalpadralli AJM aagoitu. aa match oLLe livewire thara ittu...but kaDege shock hoDesikonDiddu naave :(( *once again goLOO*. kaDege final team standingsnalli 3ne sthaana gaLisidvi. league.nalle hODesikoLbekidda naavu hogi kaLeda varshadaMte ee varshavoo 3.nE sthaanadalli bandu nintvi... idEnu Lucky 3.nO athva Unlucky 3.nO gottaglilla

sunday, josh iLitaa iLitaa nanage friday aagittalva injury, adara pain aggravate aagtaa hoitu.. sariyaagi naDiyakke aagtilla. adakke 2days.iMda blog geeg barililla :(

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Racist Bee :(

nenne saMje naanu namma apartment.nalli coffee kuDitidde. ade samayadalli nanna roommate sitout hattra hoda and all of a sudden avanige ondu Honey Bee kacchibiDtu n avanu ODoDi banda. naanu entha bee kacchirabahudu anta sitout hattra hOdhe. alli baagila hattira nODidare ondu puTTa honey comb + 3-4 Honey bees iddvu. and haage bandu ondu Bee nanna kennemele kacchibiDtu, adU ereDu sarti *crying* within no time bobbe bandubiDtu *COL-Cry Out Loudly*. nannannu Indiadalle kacchada honey bee illi nannanna + nanna kacchide andre adu Racist Bee ne irbeku alve *smart ass*

(manasinalli: paapa Odugarige hege gottagbeku adu nannanna yaatakke kacchtu anta. *lol* nanna kacchtu anta irlaarde hogi hogi aa honey, that too honey bees irovaaga, pencil thagonDu chucchidare adu innenu maaDutte. *kikiki*)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Saturday Surprise

On saturday, i called up vasanta's house and as usual i tried to play a prank and i was in for a total surprise. the conversation was something like this:

aakaDe: hello
eekaDe: hello... en maaDtideera.. gottaita yaaru maataDtirodu anta
aakaDe: illa gottaglilvalla
eekaDe: (suddenly i realised it wasn't vasanta on phone)
aakaDe: naanu Malathi Sharma maataDtirodu
eekaDe: (abba... i was a shock of a lifetime... then after a brief pause)
namskara, hegaitu ella concert.gaLu
MS : oh!! tumba chennagi naDitu ella concert.gaLu
eekaDe: so next week matte LA.nalli concert ide alva
MS : houdu... sanjith bandideevi, next week hogabeku
eekaDe: full confuse aagirbekalva nimage naanu yaaru anta.
MS : haa... neevu yaaru anta gottaglilla
eekaDe: anywayz... nanna hesaru manjesh anta heLi, naanu nirvaahaka
MS : oh houdaaa... tumba khushi aaitu... neevu tumba oLLe kelsa maaDtideera
neo : thumba DV.gaLu :) naavu namma kayyalli aadashTu kelsa maaDideevi... aadre idakke nimmantavara support beku
MS : namma support yaavaglu idde irutte.
neo : nimma karyakramagaLanna koDteera anta keLi tumba kushi aaitu :)
MS : houdu :)
anda haage vasanta avru devaramaneyalli pooje maaDtidaare
Neo : oh houdaa... naanu avarige matte phone maaDteeni biDi :)
andahaage naanu nimmanna bheti aagabekittu last week, but naanu baro correct.time ge neevu chicago kaDe hogbittri, meet maaDakkaaglilla :(
MS : houdu... concerts ittu
Neo : sari haagiddre matte bheti aagoNa.. nimma jote maataaDi nanaga tumba khushi aaitu
MS : nanagu ashTe.. tumba khushi aaitu
Neo : sigona haagiddre... byee =;
MS : byee =;

it was really a gr8 experience talking to her. *thumbsup*

Thursday, June 09, 2005

maraLi baa...

bahudinagaLiMda pending uLidogiddantaha nanna kavite nenne complete aaitu. ee kaviteyanna ka.comnalli haakidde. idakka bandantaha pratikriye noDabekandare keLakaMda guMdiyanna clikkisi

sadyakke ee kaviteyanna illi Odi, nimma abhipraya/teekaatippaNigaLanna illi bareyiri.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by


by YAKK (Yet Another Kansas Kavi) *lol*

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First time ever in US!!!

u know what... I visited a Health Center for the first time after coming to USA. Its like i had some problem with my shoulders, which was diagonsed to be because of bowling action and stress which results from sitting for long hours in from the computer. He prescribed some medicine and just for some 20tablets i had to shell out like $25, that really aggravated the pain :(

Lets hope i won't make it a habbit to visit that place often ;)

and also for the first time ever (*lol*) my orkut scrap book reached 100scraps... gettin' famous day by day huh :D

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lord of the Rings!!!

Saturday was the day meant for movies. We watched all three parts of The Lord of the Rings and that too back to back. We started watching it from 5 in the evening the by the time we finished, it was like 5 in the morning.
pretty cool huh :)

NYC Trip

May26th-Jun1st New York Trip was amazing!!! had loads of fun and it was a memorable experience. For those of you who don't know where I went, here it is
May 27th - Niagara Falls
May 28th - Washington DC
May 29th - Western Maryland
May 30th - New Jersey/New York City
May 31st - Robert Moses Park, Long Island, NY
Jun 1st - Ganesha Temple @ Flushing, NY

The best part was that in New Jersey, we stayed in Vasanta Shashi's house n when we were leaving, she sang "Teredide Mane" for me :) i have the video if it ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Now I am Mobile Manjudu :)

*eddu_biddu_oddaDing* eeeeehaaa.... i got my new Nokia 3220 cellphone yesterday evening. Its kinda neat... perfect party phone with 4lights( jote lights kuNiyutte ). The best part is that you can customize it in the way you like, be it ringtones n wallpapers or the facaplates or the back cover. all i can say is *Its a really cool thing*. will upload some pix of my cellphone pretty soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

With less powers comes less responsibilities?

"With great powers, comes great responsiblities" - from the movie Spiderman.
It has been 1 year holding the Treasurer/webmaster position at the India Students Association in our university. Our term started off with a mere 43$ in the ISA account and today we have handed over nearly 2K(not in Rs :D) to the new ISA committee, inspite of spending on every possible event you can think of, thanx to all our committee members!!! But at the end of the day, I could not answer one simple question "What did you get by doing so much?" is it name? or fame? or satisfaction? or just waste of time?. Now, all I can say is that i'm done with it :)

Same day i've quit as Admin @ forum. i've achieved what I wanted before I quit. I know it was a harsh decision. anywayz... is now in a position to maintain its #1 position even without me ;) gr8 going!!! Now its like you know, i need not have really worry about anything.. relaxed, calm, no worries, no barriers, no rules!!! and my mind is like a freshly formatted Hard disk.

oh I forgot... what do you think? "with less powers, comes less responsibilities?"

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Morning Raga

If you think that you are fed up listening to Country/Hip-Hop/Rock/Trance music, why don't you try a Fusion album? Recently, I came across one such album "Morning Raga" which is a classical fusion(Thanks to Praveen). Morning Raga is a hindi movie released in the year 2004, though I haven't seen that movie till now, tell you what, the songs in this movie are pretty cool. The songs that I liked the most in this album are
1. Jagadodharana - Bombay Jayashree
2. Thaye yeshode - Sudha Raghunathan & Rajini ramakrishnan
3. Mathey - Sudha Raghunathan & Kalyani Menon
4. Samaja varagamana - Gayathri

If you wanna listen to these songs, you can find it on or use this link
PS: this link works for only 7days and there is also a limit of 25downloads.

If this album has influenced a person like me who is always behind hip-hop/R&B/Techno/Rock, then you can know for yourself the potential this album has got.
Why wait?? Headphone on, full volume n enjoy the Morning Raga!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Spring 2005 Farewell

At last, all the exams are over for this semester n now its time to party!!!! Yesterday nite there was a get-together/potluck dinner @ Devanand Maski's house and it was nice to meet everyone. Food was amazing!!! Then went to 519 Laramie for a KEG party(no use for me though) as Viskan n Thomas graduated today(n Vikram too). Then came home and at 12AM, we had this Spring 2005 Farewell cake cut and a 2hr long discussion followed that , discussing about the good and bad things that happened during the semester.
During the discussion, nidhi asked for pepsi n i gave this 2ltr sealed bottle n it just slipped n fell on the ground. When I opened that bottle , I felt like "i was a winner"... lol... it was like opening a champaign bottle, within no time all that place was filled with pepsi n i am such a dumb a*s that i am sitting there holding it n enjoying the way it was spilling out. It was not just the hall, even in the kitchen i am just holding it n the floor was like eeeer sticky sticky. My dress was a total mess. If u wanna have a good look at the pple behind this scene, just see the photo below ;)

Welcome Summer 2005!!!!!

pple who messed up our apt are standing there n enjoying what happened. Just have a look at that guys pant n shirt... oh man... totally messed up ;) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Happy Married Life Ajay n Karthik!!!!

*lol*... relax... idyaavaginda bhaaratadalli shuruvaitu anta keLtideera??? *lol* i didn't mean that Ajay n Karthik are getting married... well, they are getting married... same time, same day, same city.... but with different girls *lol* *lol* *lol*. (manasinalli: ajay n karthik inda chappli yeTu guarantee... u know.. combo attack ;) )

Yes, namma BTL Collegina "Saapad Rama" anta pamous aagiruva Ajay Kumar indu SumaaLa kayyi hiDidanu... ajay bagge heLbekandre ee blog space overflow aagogutte *lol*.

haage nam karthik saha nimge gottalva... ade nam RJ haagu nanna blogna regular visitor.... Karthik a.k.a kaari indu same time, same day, same city, but @ different chatradalli with a different huDgi "Soumya" jote maduve aaging.

(abba... huDgi hesaru saha gamanisidra??? suma n soumya... sounds similar rite ;) )

Karthik n ajay uncles haagu
Soumya n Suma attiges ge WISH U A VERY HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!!!!

hehe.... ide reeti next function yaavaga??? *innocent*

PS: ibbru nim nim maduve photosna kaLsrappa... naanu noDbeku :)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Manji gettin' upgraded with new cellphone!!!

"T-Mobile inda ee Manji mobile aagtidaane, inna neevu?" - this is similar to the one in which actor Srinath was saying for JTM long time ago.

Y'day nite I placed an order for T-mobile 600min/month with Unltd weekends n nights plan with Nokia 3220 cellphone. Thought 3220 is not that gr8 interms of looks, I am gettin' all the features that I wanted like.. its a TriBand phone with IR port, light weight, SpeakerPhone n on top of that its pretty cheap n the total cost will turn out to be that i'll get back $100. I'd say its Perfect for pple whose bank balance is hovering around two-digits n single-digits (chukles ).

See these links for more info on the cellphone

My other Options were
Samsung E715 & Nokia 6600. E715 was pretty gud with lotsa good looking features which i don't use at all.. but it didn't have the essential features that i wanted n i had to stick with 3220. Nokia 6600 was my first option earlier, but then that phone was not available currently + it was a bit expensive as well.

Will write a detailed review on Nokia3220 once I get it. till then

The 4-Variable IQ Test

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160% visual,
60% verbal,
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  1. Don't date someone if your interpersonal percentages differ by more than 80%.
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My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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Link: The 4-Variable IQ Test written by chriscoyne on Ok Cupid

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

out of adrushTa

I am totally pissed off today becoz I didn't get one RA position(swalpa duDDu jaasti irodu ;) ) just becoz I had full 40hr RA job during Summer :( ... adu bere mailnalli adanne highlight maaDi bere heLidaane... just becoz of that ninage koDtilla anta... RA iddru problemmu anta eevatte gottagiddu :((
anywayz... eegiro RA positionne gaTTi aadangaaitu... ee sari lakshmi krupe toralilla :(

Hey u know what.. today it is our RJ Chaitra's B'day!!!!! happy b'day Chai!!! eshTu out of adrushTa andre Chai's b'day cake saha siglilla :((

innu bere enaadru keTTadaagi bareyokinta munche, ee postanna illige nillising.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bad Bad Day :(

Yesterday I had the all time low bank balance with just a mere $4.83 in my account!!!
Thats not it... I had to send my laptop to the Compaq Customer Care center to get my CD/DVD drive replaced as there was some problem burning CDs in it. Expected date of delivery of the laptop is 28th of April :(

Bad Bad Day

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lakshmi Krupe

It was a day of surprise for me. Went to the office in the morning as usual n after sometime the Office Lady came and gave me a sheet of paper for signature n I was shocked to see that it was a paper related to change of Salary... u know what, I got a 20%hike in my salary today... ehe aha (as in Crazy Kernel).

Few days back RJ Shruthi Prakash from World Space Sparsha Satellite Radio contacted me n it was nice talking to her. :)
Those of you who are reading this blog from Asia, pls listen to Sparsha Satellite Radio (n ofcourse our Kannada Kasturi Online Radio) ;)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Current ISA committee along with the will be ISA committee members at the end of Food Fest 2005, organized by India Students Association at Kansas State University Posted by Hello

Varun representing our stall from South Zone @ Food Fest 2005 Posted by Hello

da Mob @ Food Fest 2005 Posted by Hello

People standing in front of East and North Zones at Food Fest 2005 organised by India Students Association at Kansas State University Posted by Hello

Birthday Time!!!!

Happy Birthday to u Praveena!!!! Hope u r havin' fun. Its ur day, enjoy it to the max.

Not only that, it was my cousin Rahul's Birthday on 16th April!!! Things were gettin' so busy that I cudn't even call him up to wish on this b'day. Don't worry dude, ur gifts n chocolates r on the way n will be in home pretty soon ;)

So finally we successfully accomplished the Food Fest 2005 , which was the last event from our India Students Association committee. It was a huuuge success... The event was scheduled from 6-9PM on 16th April, n we had printed like 450coupons. But it turned to be that we sold almost 1000 coupons n the food was over within a matter of an hour and a half. The worst part was that there were some more pple who were going to each n every stall to see if something is left :)) I had made BANGALORE SPL BISI BELE BATH and it was over within 45min ;) All the profits will go to the Tsunami Relief Fund. As I am the Treasurer of ISA, I've become richer :D n will show u the balance sheet pretty soon. The next ISA committee will take charge from the end of this semester.
PS: pls don't forget to have a look at the Food Fest 2005 Pics :) (chix, next time ;) )

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Long time no see

lol.... thatz the question you should be asking me :) nothing gr8 happening except the fact that my bank balance is hitting 2digit numbers :D... thanx to the semester fee which I had to pay this week.

The best part is that we have got our tickets confirmed to go to NY over the memorial day weekend.

Over the last few days I haven't changed my Winamp Playlist n there are only two albums in it.
1. Autograph Please
2. Jogi
The two class songs are the Ello jogappa ninna aramane and Chellidaro malligeya remixes and both albums are too gud with some gud peppy numbers and very good slow songs as well. For those of you who haven't heard good music for quite some time, I strongly recommend you to listen to them.

You can listen to these songs at

Pls don't forget to leave your comments on these two albums!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Colorful Colorado

So finally we completed the Colorado Trip successfully!!! It was 3days of fun n enjoyment, though weather played a spoilsport on the last day. We visited
- Denver
- Garden of the Gods
- Pikes Peak
- Cave of the Winds &
- Royal Gorge

I will be uploading some pics pretty soon. Actually I feel lucky.. u know why? we had actually lost all the 1100 photographs which was on the 512MB card due to some problem. After coming back from the trip, I searched n searched n was finally able to use one s/w (which had to be cracked) to retrieve all the data. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait. Photos are too gud.

Hey today is another gr8 day.... know why? cuz its our Saapad Rama, Ajay's last Bachelor b'day n also a silver jubilee. huTTu habbada shubashayagaLu mamu....

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break has started!!!

Spring break has already started for us and still we haven't finalised where we are heading to. There were(and still are) so many twist n turns to our scheduled Roadtrip. From Colorado, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Dallas, Omaha n St. Louis, now we are back to square one and have decided to Colorado this wednesday no matter what. All of a sudden weather is so sick... its rainy :(

But all these confusions didn't stop me to watch two very good movies:
1. Forrest Gump
2. Se7en
I liked the movie Forrest Gump very much. For those of you who haven't seen this movie, please do it :)

Not only that, we even played Cricket in front of our apartment complex. The games were well poised and we did win the series 2-1. Well, thanx to me :D for scoring highest runs in both the matches we won, n getting out for just 1 in the match we lost :( )

Y'day nite we got another oppurtunity to have a b'day cake... it was Subredu Das's b'day. (yaara b'day aadre namagenu, nanage cake siktu ashte bekaagirodu :D )

cya l8r

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lack of Communication leads to bad haircut :(

Yesterday I was so depressed with my haircut. Just a few days back I had uploaded a pic with my new hairstyle. I wanted to have a haircut and when I went to that saloon, I told him to short on the sides n medium at front n top. bugger he has cut my hair short from all sides :(( 15 bux for a sloppy haircut, i have decided not to go for an haircut for atleast next 4months n get back my new hairstyle. The worst part is that the spring break is just around the corner :(

Today I came to know that our Ajay Kumar, popularly called as SaapaD Rama, quit Aspire Technologies, Mysore n now he has joined HP developement centre, Bangalore. 3.8K PA ante sambaLa :D Congraats on your new job dude!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Can u tell me whatz there in the picture and what I wanted to capture? Can u see a small patch of sun shade rite at the centre of the pic. Captured at 10x optical zoom and Image Stabilization ON and autozoom ON. Call it a modern Photography ;) Posted by Hello

Thats a 2ltr Pepsi bottle worth $1 captured using a canon cutie worth 320$ making full use of the available 10x optical zoom :) Posted by Hello

Guess whose is in that picture???? For all of you who told that it was me, bingo... u r rite :) Thatz me inside my laptop with my NEW hairstyle :) btw how did i managed to take this pic :P ... feedback pls Posted by Hello

eeeehaaaaaa got my new Digital Camera!!!

Finally I got my new digital camera, Canon S1-IS, last weekend followed by a 512MB Compact Flash card. I am trying to experiment with it and yea some of the features are really kewl n worth the bux. A combination of 10x optical zoom and Image stabilization is making me feel that there is no real skill required to take some ultimate pics. It also has an option to take video upto 1hr, however, with the 512 MB card I can record upto 45min video, which should be okay for timebeing. Later sometime(when I get ample $$) I can upgrade to a 1-2GB CF card. I am still having some problem adjusting to the auto zoom mode :( but it is infact a really cool feature. Also over the next couple of days I'll post a mindblowing 360 degree view of our apartment. Chk my next blog for a couple of pix.

Today I had an open-book test. Didn't do gud :( hopefully I can make up for that in the other take-home part which is due wednesday :D .

Now coming back to the b'day mania, here is the list for this week :)
Mar 14th - Indumathi (Cousin Sister)
Mar 16th - Arvind Sesha (best buddy)
Mar 17th - Jeevan PV (Cousin Brother)
Wish you all a very happy b'day!!!! but the worst part is that all of them are in b'lore n I will be missin' b'day cake from all three of'em :(

Today I watched American Pie - 2 :D.... chamak movie ;)

over n out.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy Birthday

u know... my friend over here Visakan Kalimuthu, better known as Burger Kalimuthu(cuz he can't live without BurgerKing :)) )celebrated his 28th b'day... lets hope this wud be his last b'day as a bachelor... high time to get married ;)

not only that... my engineering friend Anand Thirtha (aane ;) ) is also celebrating his b'day today. he is currently at Melbourne, AUS.

Happy b'day to both Visakan n Anand

Monday, March 07, 2005

Movie Mania

Friday nite, I came home thinking i'll have an early sleep, but when I came home, the party had just started in our house.... it went on for gud long 4hrs :) yea had some hot discussion n cool fun ;)

Never saw saturday morning.... but what followed that was a series of fun stuff bak 2 bak...
1. Russel Peters comedy show
2. My Cousin Vinny
3. Tarle Nan Maga
4. Fugitive
and the day was over :(

Today, again i cudn't see morning.. But then spent some worthwhile time at library...(trying to make up for the prev day losses :) )

U know what is with March... there are a series of important dates this month!!!!!
till now...
Mar 5 - Suhas's B'day
Mar 5 - Ramya's B'day
Mar 6 - Sunil n Savita's Marriage aniversary
on the way
Mar 8 - Chitti's B'day
Mar 9 - Leela's B'day
Mar 10 - Anand Thirta's B'day
and lot more to come.. will keep u informed for sure!!!!

Hey one more thing that i forgot to tell. I have ordered a brand new CANON S1-IS Digital camera !!!! thnx to my bro Venky for sponsoring this stuff:) It should be here within the next 7days.


Friday, March 04, 2005

Studies at Library

Had to hurry up for work today, as I didn't go for work y'day. When I went there, I found that my boss himself wasn't there. Fun time!!!! Thought I will study for some time, but somehow it didn't happen. Later I had a class at 2:30 and then wen't home. Thought I will watch a movie, but my roomies were already watching a movie... so I thought lemme watch it someother day n I started cooking pretty early(cooked the same old Sambar n scrambled egg). Then I came to Library to study... yea made some steady progress :) Then wen't home to have dinner n came back to library once again. Donno why, I was studying for sometime, but now I am feeling really sleepy :( (its just 11:20).

cya l8r fellas

Successful Tutor :)

Today, I couldn't go to office as I had to take my friends for driving test. Yes!!!! both of them cleared the driving test :) Congrats guys!!!! Then we all went to Chipotle to have lunch( going there after a span of 1yr or so).

In the 733 Lab, we were trying to play with a Card Reader. Though it was fun, the end result was bad, we couldn't retrieve the data on the card.. guess there is some problem with the card reader :( Need to check with another card reader next week :)

My best buddy has sent me a Gruhapravesham invitation.... congraats Arthi!!!!! Finally got what you always wanted to own one . Hey thnx for sending me the pix of ur new house in advance. Arthi used to live very close to my house, but now she is relocating to a far off place (i guess 20min, say 15min for me :D , from my house now :( ) . Hey arthi, don't forget to send me the pix of gruhapravesham as well. waitin' for it :)

Bharath Kumar (a.k.a Baari ) has purchased a new cell phone, who is currently in Houston TX working for Schlumbeger from Infy. The best part was, he called me up tonite and we spoke for about 30min and only when I hung up, I realised that I forgot to take his cellphone number :D

Hey u know what, today I got hold of the movie "Tarle Nan Maga" which I was trying to trace from a long long time. Now I am merging all the bits and do a divx conversion so that I can put it up on the forum for everyone to download :)

Finished an assignment just now(which was due tomorrow :D). Going to have some gud sleep. =;

Aunty n Santosh in front of their new house :) Posted by Hello

This is Arthi's New house!!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Who am I: Driving tutor or Troubleshooter?

Today I got a new assignment... guess what.... I went with couple of my friends in a car, not as a driver, but as a tutor to help them get a Drivers License tomorrow. Thought them for about 3-4hrs and hopefully they will clear the driving test n help keep up my name :D Tomorrow again i've gotta give them a final round of training just before the actual test. Wish them Gud Luck!!! :) All the pple whom i've thought driving have become gr8 drivers now ;) Donno why, but I can just keep traveling all day long.

Today i logged in to orkut just 3 times!!!! Hope I can improvise on that. Was searching(still am ) for something that I don't know....sometimes i feel like i am chasing a maayamruga....which I know i won't get, yet trying to be in the dreamworld.

Have you ever tried to teach computers to your mom who is a home maker? or have u ever tried to fix a computer problem in which u don't have adequate support. Though I was into troubleshooting right from my bachelors, I had left it for quite sometime, but I donno why this thing still haunts me, even in this country of technology. Well, today I encountered the latter one. There was a problem with the gal next door's comp. I don't wanna go into the details, but the bottomline was I JUST CUDN'T INSTALL XOSL on her laptop :(( There was absolutely no support to get the MS DOS bootable for Win XP. That goes to show how much Win XP supports(protects) DOS. One bootable CD cud have made my life whole lot simpler. Really crazy... in simple words "TROUBLE SHOOTING SUX" The best part was I accidentally screwed up one of her partitions :P.... gimme a break!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Unexpected B'day cake

Y'day nite, just b4 sleeping, i got an oppurtunity to eat chocolate cake!!!! It was one of our Apartment Block mate's B'day... (whose father what goes) :)

Today, I finally completed the NAANU T-shirt design which I wanted to do it for a long long time now. Wanna see it? Nah.. no way... I will get it printed on a t-shirt n then I will show it to everyone :)

Donno how lucky was I today financially, that I got to see atleast 10cheques moving around me of which 5 of them were for me ;) until I realised that it was already 1st of March n I had to pay this month rent :( Any donations around??? :D

I was trying to burn a CD on my laptop and the burn process used to fail after some time(this is not the first time it has happenend). Then I wanted to try the Compaq chat support, and so did I. I mean, i wasn't impressed with the chat support at all. sux big time :( Thought I would get a replacement, but not yet :) I am pretty sure this writer is counting its days (to reach sivana paada). Who cares, when i've got 3yrs replacement insurance with me for my laptop ;)

To be honest with you, though Orkut is such a huge community, it sux bigtime as it takes such a long time to display pages. I am planning on reducing the number of visits I make to orkut daily. I am fed up seeing the same old "BAD SERVER: NO DONUT FOR U" msg :(

Monday, February 28, 2005

Name for my blog

today I named by blog as "TRANSIT ". I always feel life is an adventurous journey... u never know what will happen next (like a cycle fella coming in front of a maruti 800 :D ).... so be ready to face the unexpected. In this travel, i'm glad that you've stopped by for a while to have a look at my blog... hence the term "Transit".

I got the 50photo prints that i had ordered last week from i'd say the quality is not that gr8... not even worth 19c per photo.

cya l8r

Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Whole New Day

Today when i woke, I was amazed to see the alarm clock next to me showing 7:14AM (i am a nocturnal in case if u don't know :) ). From now on I will introduce a new character on my blog, Ms . SLV, who made my day. U know, today for the first time in the history of my stay at K-State, i borrowed a book from library. The best part was that I didn't know it worked. I went to the reception desk and she sent me to some other place. There again she said there is an online catalog by which u can find the book u want. Was pretty gud at exploring what was on the net, and I finally found one book available (ofcourse not exactly the one that I wanted... but it was pretty close). On the catalog it just said the name " Handwriting analysis: .. " and next to it there was a number which read "Call Number: BF891 .B833 1966".... now what does that suppose to mean? Then at the end of the floor there was a site map (call it a library map ?) which said i need to go to 4th floor. I went to see whole lotsa stacks n racks of books, had to walk half a mile n search for nearly 20min to find that book. Trust me, this library is huuuuuuge. To make sure that the time I spent was worthwhile, i've read two chapter in that book ;)

Today evening we went to shopping mall walking almost 1.5miles only to find out that it was closed for the day for maintenance :( Was really pissed, but u know what, we need to see things differently (thnx to someone ;) ) and we said, we were out for a evening week and we kept walking and we just found shopping mall and that too we found out the timings of that mall... Not only that, we also saw the tallest building in our town :) U see it was worthwhile ;)

Thatz it for now.... gud nite.

Thats me, rite in front of Eiffel Towel, Paris Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Visiting this place after a long long time.... Just changed the template n i guess its lookin gud (for now ;) ).

Welcome back!!!