Saturday, October 08, 2005

Film Actor Ramesh on phone!!!

"naanu Ramesh, USA inda"

Yesterday nite @ 8:30PM i got a phone call from Sridhar saying that he would me meeting Film Actor Ramesh (in California) in 30min and he also asked me to see if I could try to stream it LIVE in our Kannada Kasturi 24/7 Radio station. The deal was I will set up the live feed from my laptop to our radio mainstream n Ramesh will talk to our radio listeners. I got everything setup for streaming in a very short *really short* span of time (thanx to praveen for helping me in testing it) and I even installed VOIP Buster to make a phone call from my PC so that I could stream my soundcard output to the radio. All set up n i just called up n Sridhar asked me to talk to Ramesh. For a second I was like MAAAAANNNN, i'm blank.. I went into a shock. Ramesh took the phone and
RAMESH: HI!! naanu Ramesh USA inda
Neo a.k.a Manjesh: namskara Ramesh sir, hEgideera?
Ramesh: naanu bombat
Neo: hEge naDitide nimma america concertgaLu
Ramesh: tumba chennagi naDitide
Neo: nimma hosa chalana chitra "Rama Shama Bhaama" hEge naDitide
Ramesh: Rama Shama Bhaama innu release aagilla alva
Neo: *nagutta* houdu... release aagilla gottu... naanu ee chitrada pubicity bagge keLtidde. tumba jOraagi naDitirbekalva
Ramesh: *nagutta* haa houdu houdu... Rama Shama Bhaama chitrada pubilicity tumba chennagide. neevellarU ee chitravanna nOdi prOtsaahisabEku. namage tumba kutoohala ide nimma reaction hEgirutte anta.
Neo: nammellara prOtsaaha yaavagalU iddE irutte sir
Ramesh: thank you thank you
Neo: eevaga namma Internet radio station 24hrs online service ide, eevaga saakashtu online listeners saha neevu maataDtiruvudanna LIVEaagi keLtaa idaare
Ramesh: oh houda
Neo: avarigaagi neevu ondu message heLbeku anta naavu keLkoLtaa ideevi
Ramesh: Kannada gella Ramesh maaDuva namaskaragaLu....
*keek*----line disconnects

I felt so bad that I missed the most interesting part. I got really angry @ VOIP Buster software. Atleast, I was happy that I almost made it possible in the short span of time, working with 10different windows on my laptop ;)

*This was the first ever LIVE conversation in our radio station*. Now we know the pitfalls n next time, we know what to do to take care of it;)

PS: Ramesh is currently in USA for "Kannada Manoranjani" program to be performed in many big cities in USA. For details visit:


Sham said...
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Sham said...

great maga.. ninna nirapEkShaa manObhaavada kelasa oMdallA oMdu dina oLLE pratiphala koTTE koDatte!

Kishan said...

ur Right Sham!
Manji ! You Rock ...

Karthik said...

wow... suuper lo ...

oLLe maja nindu ...

Ondu dina naanu interview maaDteeni..

Kar: Hello Neo ??

Neo: Hello Naanu Neo USA inda..

Kar: Wow........ nim hatra mataaDadikke bahaLa bahaLa santOsha aagta ide..

Neo: *haha* bahaLa santOsha..

maga ee thata aagOteeya neenu ..

enigma said...

wow.. sounds good. chebagide. Maja maadirabeku.

Manjesh said...

@ Sham: tumba thnx maga :). aaglE tree top aagogideeni :D

@ Kishan: thnq thnq!!! but yaako kishana, naanu kallAgabeka :(

Manjesh said...

@Karthik: *muguLnage beerutta* ayyo hOgappa nanage cloud 9.1 tOristaa ideeya ;)

"maga ee thata aagOteeya neenu .."
thata eno ondu dina aagE aagteeni, but i guess i need to take it as "thara" :)

@Enigma: tumba thnx. definately yes!!! sakkat maja ittu :)

Jeev said...

super da....nxt conversation yaara jothE mattu yavaga?

Jeev said...

and congrats on ur first ever conversation man...hope v get more of it... although not LIVE but atleast on ur TRANSIT.

Karthik said...

@Jeev: Super Da?? --> Swlpa kiri kiri aaytu.. its ok !!

@Manji: Thaata *uhahahah* typo pa..

Thejesh GN said...

chamak kelsa guru...
innu online interviews barali :)

Thej said...

this blog has gone into my must read....keep updating it

Manjesh said...

oho... Thej, TRANSITige suswagata!!!
tumba thanx maga :)
last 2weeks inda sakkat buzy idde... adikke enu hosa article bandilla... but definately i will be updating my blog every now n then.