Monday, February 28, 2005

Name for my blog

today I named by blog as "TRANSIT ". I always feel life is an adventurous journey... u never know what will happen next (like a cycle fella coming in front of a maruti 800 :D ).... so be ready to face the unexpected. In this travel, i'm glad that you've stopped by for a while to have a look at my blog... hence the term "Transit".

I got the 50photo prints that i had ordered last week from i'd say the quality is not that gr8... not even worth 19c per photo.

cya l8r

Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Whole New Day

Today when i woke, I was amazed to see the alarm clock next to me showing 7:14AM (i am a nocturnal in case if u don't know :) ). From now on I will introduce a new character on my blog, Ms . SLV, who made my day. U know, today for the first time in the history of my stay at K-State, i borrowed a book from library. The best part was that I didn't know it worked. I went to the reception desk and she sent me to some other place. There again she said there is an online catalog by which u can find the book u want. Was pretty gud at exploring what was on the net, and I finally found one book available (ofcourse not exactly the one that I wanted... but it was pretty close). On the catalog it just said the name " Handwriting analysis: .. " and next to it there was a number which read "Call Number: BF891 .B833 1966".... now what does that suppose to mean? Then at the end of the floor there was a site map (call it a library map ?) which said i need to go to 4th floor. I went to see whole lotsa stacks n racks of books, had to walk half a mile n search for nearly 20min to find that book. Trust me, this library is huuuuuuge. To make sure that the time I spent was worthwhile, i've read two chapter in that book ;)

Today evening we went to shopping mall walking almost 1.5miles only to find out that it was closed for the day for maintenance :( Was really pissed, but u know what, we need to see things differently (thnx to someone ;) ) and we said, we were out for a evening week and we kept walking and we just found shopping mall and that too we found out the timings of that mall... Not only that, we also saw the tallest building in our town :) U see it was worthwhile ;)

Thatz it for now.... gud nite.

Thats me, rite in front of Eiffel Towel, Paris Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Visiting this place after a long long time.... Just changed the template n i guess its lookin gud (for now ;) ).

Welcome back!!!