Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Colorful Colorado

So finally we completed the Colorado Trip successfully!!! It was 3days of fun n enjoyment, though weather played a spoilsport on the last day. We visited
- Denver
- Garden of the Gods
- Pikes Peak
- Cave of the Winds &
- Royal Gorge

I will be uploading some pics pretty soon. Actually I feel lucky.. u know why? we had actually lost all the 1100 photographs which was on the 512MB card due to some problem. After coming back from the trip, I searched n searched n was finally able to use one s/w (which had to be cracked) to retrieve all the data. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait. Photos are too gud.

Hey today is another gr8 day.... know why? cuz its our Saapad Rama, Ajay's last Bachelor b'day n also a silver jubilee. huTTu habbada shubashayagaLu mamu....

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break has started!!!

Spring break has already started for us and still we haven't finalised where we are heading to. There were(and still are) so many twist n turns to our scheduled Roadtrip. From Colorado, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Dallas, Omaha n St. Louis, now we are back to square one and have decided to Colorado this wednesday no matter what. All of a sudden weather is so sick... its rainy :(

But all these confusions didn't stop me to watch two very good movies:
1. Forrest Gump
2. Se7en
I liked the movie Forrest Gump very much. For those of you who haven't seen this movie, please do it :)

Not only that, we even played Cricket in front of our apartment complex. The games were well poised and we did win the series 2-1. Well, thanx to me :D for scoring highest runs in both the matches we won, n getting out for just 1 in the match we lost :( )

Y'day nite we got another oppurtunity to have a b'day cake... it was Subredu Das's b'day. (yaara b'day aadre namagenu, nanage cake siktu ashte bekaagirodu :D )

cya l8r

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lack of Communication leads to bad haircut :(

Yesterday I was so depressed with my haircut. Just a few days back I had uploaded a pic with my new hairstyle. I wanted to have a haircut and when I went to that saloon, I told him to short on the sides n medium at front n top. bugger he has cut my hair short from all sides :(( 15 bux for a sloppy haircut, i have decided not to go for an haircut for atleast next 4months n get back my new hairstyle. The worst part is that the spring break is just around the corner :(

Today I came to know that our Ajay Kumar, popularly called as SaapaD Rama, quit Aspire Technologies, Mysore n now he has joined HP developement centre, Bangalore. 3.8K PA ante sambaLa :D Congraats on your new job dude!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Can u tell me whatz there in the picture and what I wanted to capture? Can u see a small patch of sun shade rite at the centre of the pic. Captured at 10x optical zoom and Image Stabilization ON and autozoom ON. Call it a modern Photography ;) Posted by Hello

Thats a 2ltr Pepsi bottle worth $1 captured using a canon cutie worth 320$ making full use of the available 10x optical zoom :) Posted by Hello

Guess whose is in that picture???? For all of you who told that it was me, bingo... u r rite :) Thatz me inside my laptop with my NEW hairstyle :) btw how did i managed to take this pic :P ... feedback pls Posted by Hello

eeeehaaaaaa got my new Digital Camera!!!

Finally I got my new digital camera, Canon S1-IS, last weekend followed by a 512MB Compact Flash card. I am trying to experiment with it and yea some of the features are really kewl n worth the bux. A combination of 10x optical zoom and Image stabilization is making me feel that there is no real skill required to take some ultimate pics. It also has an option to take video upto 1hr, however, with the 512 MB card I can record upto 45min video, which should be okay for timebeing. Later sometime(when I get ample $$) I can upgrade to a 1-2GB CF card. I am still having some problem adjusting to the auto zoom mode :( but it is infact a really cool feature. Also over the next couple of days I'll post a mindblowing 360 degree view of our apartment. Chk my next blog for a couple of pix.

Today I had an open-book test. Didn't do gud :( hopefully I can make up for that in the other take-home part which is due wednesday :D .

Now coming back to the b'day mania, here is the list for this week :)
Mar 14th - Indumathi (Cousin Sister)
Mar 16th - Arvind Sesha (best buddy)
Mar 17th - Jeevan PV (Cousin Brother)
Wish you all a very happy b'day!!!! but the worst part is that all of them are in b'lore n I will be missin' b'day cake from all three of'em :(

Today I watched American Pie - 2 :D.... chamak movie ;)

over n out.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy Birthday

u know... my friend over here Visakan Kalimuthu, better known as Burger Kalimuthu(cuz he can't live without BurgerKing :)) )celebrated his 28th b'day... lets hope this wud be his last b'day as a bachelor... high time to get married ;)

not only that... my engineering friend Anand Thirtha (aane ;) ) is also celebrating his b'day today. he is currently at Melbourne, AUS.

Happy b'day to both Visakan n Anand

Monday, March 07, 2005

Movie Mania

Friday nite, I came home thinking i'll have an early sleep, but when I came home, the party had just started in our house.... it went on for gud long 4hrs :) yea had some hot discussion n cool fun ;)

Never saw saturday morning.... but what followed that was a series of fun stuff bak 2 bak...
1. Russel Peters comedy show
2. My Cousin Vinny
3. Tarle Nan Maga
4. Fugitive
and the day was over :(

Today, again i cudn't see morning.. But then spent some worthwhile time at library...(trying to make up for the prev day losses :) )

U know what is with March... there are a series of important dates this month!!!!!
till now...
Mar 5 - Suhas's B'day
Mar 5 - Ramya's B'day
Mar 6 - Sunil n Savita's Marriage aniversary
on the way
Mar 8 - Chitti's B'day
Mar 9 - Leela's B'day
Mar 10 - Anand Thirta's B'day
and lot more to come.. will keep u informed for sure!!!!

Hey one more thing that i forgot to tell. I have ordered a brand new CANON S1-IS Digital camera !!!! thnx to my bro Venky for sponsoring this stuff:) It should be here within the next 7days.


Friday, March 04, 2005

Studies at Library

Had to hurry up for work today, as I didn't go for work y'day. When I went there, I found that my boss himself wasn't there. Fun time!!!! Thought I will study for some time, but somehow it didn't happen. Later I had a class at 2:30 and then wen't home. Thought I will watch a movie, but my roomies were already watching a movie... so I thought lemme watch it someother day n I started cooking pretty early(cooked the same old Sambar n scrambled egg). Then I came to Library to study... yea made some steady progress :) Then wen't home to have dinner n came back to library once again. Donno why, I was studying for sometime, but now I am feeling really sleepy :( (its just 11:20).

cya l8r fellas

Successful Tutor :)

Today, I couldn't go to office as I had to take my friends for driving test. Yes!!!! both of them cleared the driving test :) Congrats guys!!!! Then we all went to Chipotle to have lunch( going there after a span of 1yr or so).

In the 733 Lab, we were trying to play with a Card Reader. Though it was fun, the end result was bad, we couldn't retrieve the data on the card.. guess there is some problem with the card reader :( Need to check with another card reader next week :)

My best buddy has sent me a Gruhapravesham invitation.... congraats Arthi!!!!! Finally got what you always wanted to own one . Hey thnx for sending me the pix of ur new house in advance. Arthi used to live very close to my house, but now she is relocating to a far off place (i guess 20min, say 15min for me :D , from my house now :( ) . Hey arthi, don't forget to send me the pix of gruhapravesham as well. waitin' for it :)

Bharath Kumar (a.k.a Baari ) has purchased a new cell phone, who is currently in Houston TX working for Schlumbeger from Infy. The best part was, he called me up tonite and we spoke for about 30min and only when I hung up, I realised that I forgot to take his cellphone number :D

Hey u know what, today I got hold of the movie "Tarle Nan Maga" which I was trying to trace from a long long time. Now I am merging all the bits and do a divx conversion so that I can put it up on the forum for everyone to download :)

Finished an assignment just now(which was due tomorrow :D). Going to have some gud sleep. =;

Aunty n Santosh in front of their new house :) Posted by Hello

This is Arthi's New house!!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Who am I: Driving tutor or Troubleshooter?

Today I got a new assignment... guess what.... I went with couple of my friends in a car, not as a driver, but as a tutor to help them get a Drivers License tomorrow. Thought them for about 3-4hrs and hopefully they will clear the driving test n help keep up my name :D Tomorrow again i've gotta give them a final round of training just before the actual test. Wish them Gud Luck!!! :) All the pple whom i've thought driving have become gr8 drivers now ;) Donno why, but I can just keep traveling all day long.

Today i logged in to orkut just 3 times!!!! Hope I can improvise on that. Was searching(still am ) for something that I don't know....sometimes i feel like i am chasing a maayamruga....which I know i won't get, yet trying to be in the dreamworld.

Have you ever tried to teach computers to your mom who is a home maker? or have u ever tried to fix a computer problem in which u don't have adequate support. Though I was into troubleshooting right from my bachelors, I had left it for quite sometime, but I donno why this thing still haunts me, even in this country of technology. Well, today I encountered the latter one. There was a problem with the gal next door's comp. I don't wanna go into the details, but the bottomline was I JUST CUDN'T INSTALL XOSL on her laptop :(( There was absolutely no support to get the MS DOS bootable for Win XP. That goes to show how much Win XP supports(protects) DOS. One bootable CD cud have made my life whole lot simpler. Really crazy... in simple words "TROUBLE SHOOTING SUX" The best part was I accidentally screwed up one of her partitions :P.... gimme a break!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Unexpected B'day cake

Y'day nite, just b4 sleeping, i got an oppurtunity to eat chocolate cake!!!! It was one of our Apartment Block mate's B'day... (whose father what goes) :)

Today, I finally completed the NAANU T-shirt design which I wanted to do it for a long long time now. Wanna see it? Nah.. no way... I will get it printed on a t-shirt n then I will show it to everyone :)

Donno how lucky was I today financially, that I got to see atleast 10cheques moving around me of which 5 of them were for me ;) until I realised that it was already 1st of March n I had to pay this month rent :( Any donations around??? :D

I was trying to burn a CD on my laptop and the burn process used to fail after some time(this is not the first time it has happenend). Then I wanted to try the Compaq chat support, and so did I. I mean, i wasn't impressed with the chat support at all. sux big time :( Thought I would get a replacement, but not yet :) I am pretty sure this writer is counting its days (to reach sivana paada). Who cares, when i've got 3yrs replacement insurance with me for my laptop ;)

To be honest with you, though Orkut is such a huge community, it sux bigtime as it takes such a long time to display pages. I am planning on reducing the number of visits I make to orkut daily. I am fed up seeing the same old "BAD SERVER: NO DONUT FOR U" msg :(