Monday, March 07, 2005

Movie Mania

Friday nite, I came home thinking i'll have an early sleep, but when I came home, the party had just started in our house.... it went on for gud long 4hrs :) yea had some hot discussion n cool fun ;)

Never saw saturday morning.... but what followed that was a series of fun stuff bak 2 bak...
1. Russel Peters comedy show
2. My Cousin Vinny
3. Tarle Nan Maga
4. Fugitive
and the day was over :(

Today, again i cudn't see morning.. But then spent some worthwhile time at library...(trying to make up for the prev day losses :) )

U know what is with March... there are a series of important dates this month!!!!!
till now...
Mar 5 - Suhas's B'day
Mar 5 - Ramya's B'day
Mar 6 - Sunil n Savita's Marriage aniversary
on the way
Mar 8 - Chitti's B'day
Mar 9 - Leela's B'day
Mar 10 - Anand Thirta's B'day
and lot more to come.. will keep u informed for sure!!!!

Hey one more thing that i forgot to tell. I have ordered a brand new CANON S1-IS Digital camera !!!! thnx to my bro Venky for sponsoring this stuff:) It should be here within the next 7days.



Karthik said...

wowowow... thats cool..

Its actually very good Cam

Manjesh said...

yea dude!!!! it has some amazing features like 360degree photo, image stabilization n 10x optical. waitin' for it to come home :)

Karthik said...

coooll... swlpa photoblog maaDu maga