Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Who am I: Driving tutor or Troubleshooter?

Today I got a new assignment... guess what.... I went with couple of my friends in a car, not as a driver, but as a tutor to help them get a Drivers License tomorrow. Thought them for about 3-4hrs and hopefully they will clear the driving test n help keep up my name :D Tomorrow again i've gotta give them a final round of training just before the actual test. Wish them Gud Luck!!! :) All the pple whom i've thought driving have become gr8 drivers now ;) Donno why, but I can just keep traveling all day long.

Today i logged in to orkut just 3 times!!!! Hope I can improvise on that. Was searching(still am ) for something that I don't know....sometimes i feel like i am chasing a maayamruga....which I know i won't get, yet trying to be in the dreamworld.

Have you ever tried to teach computers to your mom who is a home maker? or have u ever tried to fix a computer problem in which u don't have adequate support. Though I was into troubleshooting right from my bachelors, I had left it for quite sometime, but I donno why this thing still haunts me, even in this country of technology. Well, today I encountered the latter one. There was a problem with the gal next door's comp. I don't wanna go into the details, but the bottomline was I JUST CUDN'T INSTALL XOSL on her laptop :(( There was absolutely no support to get the MS DOS bootable for Win XP. That goes to show how much Win XP supports(protects) DOS. One bootable CD cud have made my life whole lot simpler. Really crazy... in simple words "TROUBLE SHOOTING SUX" The best part was I accidentally screwed up one of her partitions :P.... gimme a break!!!


Karthik said...

Oh my god.. computers to amma.. bEDappa.. paapa araamaagidaare..

yaakappa bEkittu.. next door kathe ... nan magane ...

teaching drivinga... yappa... avara gati .. Devre gati.. By the way did u teahc || paring as well ?

Manjesh said...

ilvo, naanyaake hogli pakkad manege.... huDukonD bartaaaro (kelasa bekaagiddaaga :D)

yaako ashTu condemn maaDing... eevattina blog noDu result gottagutte.
Huu || parking kalisi koTTe :)