Friday, March 04, 2005

Studies at Library

Had to hurry up for work today, as I didn't go for work y'day. When I went there, I found that my boss himself wasn't there. Fun time!!!! Thought I will study for some time, but somehow it didn't happen. Later I had a class at 2:30 and then wen't home. Thought I will watch a movie, but my roomies were already watching a movie... so I thought lemme watch it someother day n I started cooking pretty early(cooked the same old Sambar n scrambled egg). Then I came to Library to study... yea made some steady progress :) Then wen't home to have dinner n came back to library once again. Donno why, I was studying for sometime, but now I am feeling really sleepy :( (its just 11:20).

cya l8r fellas

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Karthik said...

aparoopakke Odde annu ... good to hear