Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bad Bad Day :(

Yesterday I had the all time low bank balance with just a mere $4.83 in my account!!!
Thats not it... I had to send my laptop to the Compaq Customer Care center to get my CD/DVD drive replaced as there was some problem burning CDs in it. Expected date of delivery of the laptop is 28th of April :(

Bad Bad Day

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lakshmi Krupe

It was a day of surprise for me. Went to the office in the morning as usual n after sometime the Office Lady came and gave me a sheet of paper for signature n I was shocked to see that it was a paper related to change of Salary... u know what, I got a 20%hike in my salary today... ehe aha (as in Crazy Kernel).

Few days back RJ Shruthi Prakash from World Space Sparsha Satellite Radio contacted me n it was nice talking to her. :)
Those of you who are reading this blog from Asia, pls listen to Sparsha Satellite Radio (n ofcourse our Kannada Kasturi Online Radio) ;)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Current ISA committee along with the will be ISA committee members at the end of Food Fest 2005, organized by India Students Association at Kansas State University Posted by Hello

Varun representing our stall from South Zone @ Food Fest 2005 Posted by Hello

da Mob @ Food Fest 2005 Posted by Hello

People standing in front of East and North Zones at Food Fest 2005 organised by India Students Association at Kansas State University Posted by Hello

Birthday Time!!!!

Happy Birthday to u Praveena!!!! Hope u r havin' fun. Its ur day, enjoy it to the max.

Not only that, it was my cousin Rahul's Birthday on 16th April!!! Things were gettin' so busy that I cudn't even call him up to wish on this b'day. Don't worry dude, ur gifts n chocolates r on the way n will be in home pretty soon ;)

So finally we successfully accomplished the Food Fest 2005 , which was the last event from our India Students Association committee. It was a huuuge success... The event was scheduled from 6-9PM on 16th April, n we had printed like 450coupons. But it turned to be that we sold almost 1000 coupons n the food was over within a matter of an hour and a half. The worst part was that there were some more pple who were going to each n every stall to see if something is left :)) I had made BANGALORE SPL BISI BELE BATH and it was over within 45min ;) All the profits will go to the Tsunami Relief Fund. As I am the Treasurer of ISA, I've become richer :D n will show u the balance sheet pretty soon. The next ISA committee will take charge from the end of this semester.
PS: pls don't forget to have a look at the Food Fest 2005 Pics :) (chix, next time ;) )

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Long time no see

lol.... thatz the question you should be asking me :) nothing gr8 happening except the fact that my bank balance is hitting 2digit numbers :D... thanx to the semester fee which I had to pay this week.

The best part is that we have got our tickets confirmed to go to NY over the memorial day weekend.

Over the last few days I haven't changed my Winamp Playlist n there are only two albums in it.
1. Autograph Please
2. Jogi
The two class songs are the Ello jogappa ninna aramane and Chellidaro malligeya remixes and both albums are too gud with some gud peppy numbers and very good slow songs as well. For those of you who haven't heard good music for quite some time, I strongly recommend you to listen to them.

You can listen to these songs at

Pls don't forget to leave your comments on these two albums!!!