Saturday, February 11, 2006

HB2U - Kishore n Arun

Feb 10 2006: Arun celebrated his b'day with the cake of my choice ;). This cake from ColdStone Creamery is called "A Cheesecake Named Desire™" It was just too good. I know that a lot of people(incl me) like Chocolate cake. But if you wanna try something different n something special (and something expensive :D ), then the next time you buy a cake for someone you care, try this one. I have attached a pic of it below.

Feb 11 2006: My best buddy Nandi Dharma Kishore H N a.k.a Kishore, celebrated his b'day @ Balmuri Falls (near mysore) along with his henDti. (Sorry photo not available due to copyright issues ;) )

Wish you both a very very happy b'day and may all your dreams come true!

PS: all readers are required to sing "Happy b'day to you..." song in the background.

Monday, February 06, 2006

My First Website

1999 was the time when DotCom zoom was at the top gear. That was the time when what ever you touch would turn into gold. That was the time when every parent wanted their kids to develop some website and make big bucks. At a tender age of 18 when u see that anyone can make money by just putting up a webpage, then one will get a feeling that in life, money making is a piece of cake! I wasn't far from it either. Even I had the dream to bake the cake ;) and infact I did try to bake it. As a result, I developed my first website . It had (and still has? ) some pretty good content. This website development went on for a while and as the days passed by, the DotCom bubble got burst(pls don't click on any of those ads *lol* ). My webpages were stranded without any updates...even till-date.
Couple of days back when I was thinking what exactly did I learn in my Engineering, the first thing that struck me was my website. I had completely forgot about this website URL. But it didn't take long time for me 2 find it because of the naming conventions that I use.
After a span of 6 years I have rediscovered *My_first_website*. Did anyone of you try to do some similar *bake the cake* stuff? If yes, URL pls :D
Pls don't forget to comment on the UI design of *My_First_Website* ;)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Welcome the latest Couple on the block!

RJ Shruthi Prakash or simply SSP (Worldspace radio channel) got married to Dr. Venkatesh Iyer on 2nd Feb @ Bangalore. and I wished her
"Wish you a very happy married life...ondu dozen makkaLannhettu noorvarsha sukhavAgi baaLi baduki"
Hehe... I am assuming that you guys would wish the same :D
(PS: idu engagement photo... waiting for maduve pics)

Next... It was none other than my very very close buddy Ramu/Aravind. Arvind bagge heLbeku andre... yaavaglu nagta irtaane.... for ex: kelsa sikkidru "haha.. kelsa sikto" anta heLtaane... kelsa kaLkondru "haha..kelsa hoito" anta nagunaguta heLtaane(ditto nan thara). eevattu ee vayya got engaged to Rukmini.
err... who is this Rukmini? remember that famous song "rukkumani rukkumani" :D...
innu gottaglilvaa... okay... do you remember that gal with a lot of attitude and a Soda?
atleast keLagaDe iro photo noDidamele enaadru gottagutta heLi noDoNa :P



oooops... photo missing... :(
barutte barutte... ondu most updated joint photo pretty soon barutte.

anywayz.... You both make a grrrrrrrr8 pair and I am really really really very happy for you both!
ibbru ring haakiskonDiddaitu... innu ivvribbru thale mele yaavaga tOpi haakistkoLtaare anta keLtideera? just wait and watch this blog.

Okay, Now the million $ question is : "Who will be the next Most Eligible Bachelor(MEB)?"

more later :)