Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Ugadi

"yuga yugaadi kaLedaru yugaadi maraLi barutide"

once again ugadi festival is back with a bang. I am really missing those mango leaves at the entrance, castor oil massage n shower, New dress, lovely sweet dish *hOLige* (a.k.a obbattu) n deadly combination of Lemon Rice + Rasam. There are few things which are best enjoyed with the family.
I cannot get the same experience in US as I could have got in India. But atleast I will try to get a similar experience.

Once again wish you all a very Happy Ugadi. May this new year bring joy and happiness to you and everyone of your family and friends.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

March B'days

March is one month in which so many of my close friends n relatives are celebrating their birthday. Here is a short list:

Mar 5: Suhas (cousin)
Mar 5: Ramya (cousin)
Mar 8: Manjula (cousin)
Mar 9: Leela (akka)
Mar 9: Nandini (friend)
Mar 11: Anand Thirtha (friend)
Mar 14: Indu (cousin)
Mar 16: Arvind (friend)
Mar 17: Jeevan (cousin)
Mar 17: Kishan (friend)
Mar 19: Praveen Shivashankar(friend)
Mar 23: Sindhu Srivatsa (friend)
Mar 29: Ajay Kumar (friend)

Wishing you all a very(or)belated(or)in advance - happy birthday!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

vasanta kaala bandaaga

have u ever tried to translate this famous song "vasanta kaala bandaaga" sung by Dr. Rajkumar in Kannada to English? cuz if you didn't, then have a look at the link. :P

Use this MIO Link to listen to the actual song (kannada version)