Sunday, June 11, 2006

6 Flags err..6 Tags... 6 Weird Tags

eeew...I just got tagged by Disha :( its time to share 6 Weirdest of the wierdest things about me:

6. Sometimes I get restless when I can't find my Amrutanjan.
5. I feel dizziness when I see a needle/cyringe.
4. I get inferiority complex when I see books. Oh yea.. E-books included
3. I am scared to touch the door knobs. It is inevitable that there *will* be a static dischare.
2. My low bank balances never make me nervous...i've got used to it.
1. I check my email even though I am absolutely sure that I wont be having any new emails(cuz i just checked it a couple of mins ago ;) )

Its time for my friends to share my karma :P
ladies and gentleman, the next 6 friends who have been tagged are:

1. Praveen
2. Karthik
3. Kishan
4. Divya
5. Sachi
6. tA.vI.shri

If you are a *privileged blogger* (listed above ), all you need to do is write 6 weird things about you. Also make sure you tag 6 other people. ;)