Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rahul n Praveena's B'day

The dude who has taken up my position back home, RAHUL, will be celebrating his 3rd birthday tomorrow(16th April). All I can say is that I miss him a lot *with_nostalgic_feeling*. Everytime he goes to Tirupati to offer his hair, he gets more n more notorious :) . According to my sister, he is WMD...destroys whatever he finds on the way.

To my lovely aLiya Rahul Happy b'day to you!

One of my best buddy, Praveena, is celebrating her b'day on April 18th. She is one gal who will always (as in *always*) bump into some sort of problem one way or the other. But the best part is the way she explains how she confronted that situation. Hope this year wud bring you lot of joy and happiness (apart from the usual problems :) ).

Wish you a very happy B'day gal!