Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Naanu mattu November

~~~~~~~~Welcome byak to my blog~~~~~~

Is it got something to do with the weather? or is it just in my mind?
I just can't believe that this is the first blog that i am writing in the month of November.

Lot of gud things happened in November. Here is a an abstract list:

11th: Best buddy Kishore got married. Wish you a very happy married life!!!

16th: nam univ.nalli India nite "Utsav 2005" ittu.

18th: I had my MS Final Defense n it went pretty good

19th: Dad's 61st b'day!!! way to go dad!!!

19th: India won the cricket match against South Africa and that too in Bangalore!!! We watched the entire match online thru "Directv" , from 3AM to 10AM.

19th: nam Ex-Presidento Sham Kashyap huttu habba aacharisikonDiddu. cake ultimate.aagittu. ;) gottalva.. cake thinkke ellig bekaadru barteeni :D

21st: my classmate Sunil DN (Doddaballapura) got married. Wish U a very happy married life dude!!!

22nd: Happy Thanksgiving!!! But i have decided not to do any shopping during this year's Thanksgiving sales.

23rd: Played cricket.

24th: Will be going to Kansas City to see how amru's celebrate Thanksgiving. alli hOgi Turkey kOLi thinnOdu ashtrallE irutte. sumne hOgi noDkonDu barOdashte.