Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Naanu mattu November

~~~~~~~~Welcome byak to my blog~~~~~~

Is it got something to do with the weather? or is it just in my mind?
I just can't believe that this is the first blog that i am writing in the month of November.

Lot of gud things happened in November. Here is a an abstract list:

11th: Best buddy Kishore got married. Wish you a very happy married life!!!

16th: nam univ.nalli India nite "Utsav 2005" ittu.

18th: I had my MS Final Defense n it went pretty good

19th: Dad's 61st b'day!!! way to go dad!!!

19th: India won the cricket match against South Africa and that too in Bangalore!!! We watched the entire match online thru "Directv" , from 3AM to 10AM.

19th: nam Ex-Presidento Sham Kashyap huttu habba aacharisikonDiddu. cake ultimate.aagittu. ;) gottalva.. cake thinkke ellig bekaadru barteeni :D

21st: my classmate Sunil DN (Doddaballapura) got married. Wish U a very happy married life dude!!!

22nd: Happy Thanksgiving!!! But i have decided not to do any shopping during this year's Thanksgiving sales.

23rd: Played cricket.

24th: Will be going to Kansas City to see how amru's celebrate Thanksgiving. alli hOgi Turkey kOLi thinnOdu ashtrallE irutte. sumne hOgi noDkonDu barOdashte.


Jeev said...

dude..Kishore is that Beer guy r8?

Sham said...

so maga, you came to my birthday just to eat the cake?? ;-)

Kishan said...

Spreading Happinesss! Cool....Thanks!

Manjesh said...

@ Jeev: Kishore is the Splendor guy.

@ Sham: lol... ondu reeti haagene ;)

@ Kishan: dude nin blog kirik-o-kiriku. innu haage ide. check maaDo pls.

enigma said...

This was a nice one to come up with after a long time... not seen many active bloggers ( rather very few ) in this month!
Anyways... welcome Back! :)

Praveen said...

Nov 28th:- Praveen comes back :P

Manjesh said...

@Enigma: yea.. thnx a lot!

@Praveen: saa... naavu vaastava nuDiying, not bhavishya ;)

A. Weinberger said...

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Kishan said...

lo manja,
Wake up!

EddheLo manjesha....
Sakaythu niddhe,
eddhu ninna blogannu Uddarisu...
namma manavannu thanisu....

Manjesh said...

hehee... khanDita update maDteeni kisana... off late yakka makka tensions ittu. innu ide, but slow aagi ease out aagta ide. :)