Wednesday, August 31, 2005

back to 08/30/2003

nennege sariyaagi 2 varsha aitu...

andu nanna manasigaada gaaya endU aaradu
nooraaru kanasugaLu nucchunooradavu
ninna nenapugaLu endU aLeyadu
sadaa naguttA, ellarannU nagisuttiddaLu
jaati emba shoolake sikki maNNaadaLu
sneha premagaLa hesarinali amaraLaadaLu

"May your soul Rest In Peace"

sadaa naguttA, ellarannU nagisuttidda nanna snEhitana jeevanadalli birugaaLi shuruvaayitu. nanagE ishTu dukha aaguttirbekaadre ninage eshtu dukha aagutte anta nanage artha aagutte, aadrU neenu idarinda horage baralE beku. ninna swanta uddeshavaagadiddarU atleast maneyavara oLLeyadakkAgi. pls pls try to get out of this trauma :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lets "Talk" the Google way

So here it is.... IM service from google "Google Talk" which everyone were waiting this long. Just now I have installed the new beta release version and it seems to be pretty simple, no flashy looks, as simple as it can get. It comes with the integrated gmail notifier. If you are reading between lines and trying to find the link to download it, there you go

Once you install it, you can sign in using your gmail id n password n if you don't have a gmail account yet, pls send me an email n I can send you an invite.

ayyo yaaro aagle buzz maDtidaare "Google Talk"nalli.... aamele sikteeni.
Lets "Google Talk"

Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome Fall 2K5

nenne ereDu nimisha shOkaacharaNe/moUnAcharaNe naMtara eevattu nanna aMtima semester official.aagi shuruvAgide. Hosa enappa spl anta keLteera? ee semester.nalli yaavudE vignagaLAgadirali anta Ganesha T-shirt haakikonDideeni. (sem sariyaagi aaglilla andre aamele jana heLbaardalva, neenu ganeshana pooje maaDilla anta :D ).

mane iMda horage baruttiddaMtE you can really feel that youth. 3tiMgaLiMda absconding aagidda ~27 saavira jana(adralli ~15K huDgeeru) ella vaapas bandidaare. ellellu COLOR COLOR college COLOR.

nanna barodikke Shuttle service summer break nantra matte shuruvAgide. aa bus 2min taDavAgi bandrU best part enappa andre modalidda haLE gaaDi na tagedu haaki, hosa gaaDi haakidaare...very luxurious... but eevattu sikkapaTTe humidity ide :(

inna 3.5months hEge hOguttE annodu gottE aagolla... hEgE bareetA bareetA ondu dina "End of Fall 2k5" anta ondu blog bandirutte + adakkU nimmella comments bandirutte biDi.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Clouds play hide n seek

after a long long wait, finally the sky broke loose and there you go.... a thunderstorm.

We finished our midnight walmart shopping @ 2AM n everything was fine then. after abt n hour or so, it started lightening n there was a downpour. I thought it wud be fun n i have captured a small video clip of it. Here is the link to download it

My impression was that it wud rain like hell that day, but when i was in the balcony watching the rain, I cud see the clouds moving so fast and yea all the rain n thunder was over within 10min. n that left us yesterday in a hot sun with temperatures @ a soaring high of 100 F (equivalent to 38 deg C).

y'day nite again it started to thunder, but there was no rain.

lets see what will happen tonite (I am pretty sure it won't rain tonite either. anyone wanna take a bet? )

but just before u close this window, "varamahaa lakshmi habbada shubashayagaLu" !!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!!

ellarigU swataMtra dinAcharaNeya shubhashayagaLu!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still Enigma?

Recently Kishan played a mind game n described Enigma's personality. (I really donno how he got it right, but it is gud for us *confused yet happy* ). But she(officially confirmed) was trying to hide her name from us which made me more curious to find it out. Today morning(9AM CST) the first thing that I did was to do find Enigma's real name. ree enigma, here is the deal, I give your name, and you give your b'day which shud be within the next 10days. So my dear friends, I hereby disclose my findings and Enigma's real name is (pls scroll down for answer)

... server authentication: SUCCESS...

... connecting to database: OK

... response complete: OK


Got the Results: and Enigma's real name is: Divya

*Crazy Colonel nagu* -> *yehey aaha*

Out of Syllabus:(bonus points if you answer this): Divya, are you working in NDS? and are you a 2004 passout? *unconfirmed findings, just a hunch*

Friday, August 05, 2005

Aug 5 6 7, HB2 Everyone

Aug 5: Its none other than the most stubborn gal, yet she is one of the best buddies i've ever met in my life(till now *KilaKila* ), successfully completed a silver jubilee :)

Gud luck n have a gr8 yr ahead n who knows... by next b'day u might be YAYA(Yet Another Young Aunty)

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

Aug 6th: The man who moved to Dallas last week in search of his future, Varun Rao (Undercover Agent Rao), celebrates his B'day on Aug 6th. Many many happy returns of the day!!! and Gud Luck for your job hunt.

Aug 7th: "My Cousin Sunny" hehe...(like the movie "My Cousin Vinny"). Sunil works for Infy n he is currently in San Jose, CA along with Kavita attige on a project. He is celebrating his b'day one 7th Aug (7/8? Or 8/7?). Happy Birthday to you Sunil!!!