Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still Enigma?

Recently Kishan played a mind game n described Enigma's personality. (I really donno how he got it right, but it is gud for us *confused yet happy* ). But she(officially confirmed) was trying to hide her name from us which made me more curious to find it out. Today morning(9AM CST) the first thing that I did was to do find Enigma's real name. ree enigma, here is the deal, I give your name, and you give your b'day which shud be within the next 10days. So my dear friends, I hereby disclose my findings and Enigma's real name is (pls scroll down for answer)

... server authentication: SUCCESS...

... connecting to database: OK

... response complete: OK


Got the Results: and Enigma's real name is: Divya

*Crazy Colonel nagu* -> *yehey aaha*

Out of Syllabus:(bonus points if you answer this): Divya, are you working in NDS? and are you a 2004 passout? *unconfirmed findings, just a hunch*


Kishan said...

My God!
How did You find This???

Kishan said...
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Kishan said...

But Cant be in NDS, Coz NDS doesnt have any business to send someone to Germany!

Manjesh said...

naanu sikkapaTTe kashTa aagutte ankonDidde, but in the end, it was a *beNNe muruku*.

As far as out of syllabus is concerned, noDoNa iru enaagutte anta ;) I thought NDS had network all over Europe. thnx for the info. :)

enigma said...
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enigma said...

Great! Congrats! on finding my name.... its somewhere on my blog/comments itself!!!
anyways.. the other questions.. I work for SAP and I am a 2003 passout. Birthdaynoo bekaaa???? ...Raghavendra swamigala madhya aaraadane...17th Aug

Kishan said...

Congrats on getting this right!

Ninna hesaru ninna blog nalle ello idhya???

Karthik said...

Divya u work for SAP Labs a ?? cool ree ... nanna plat form oo SAP e..

nanna tech blog nODideera ???

Karthik said...

By the way .. Manji .. Congrats kaNappa.. CIA/ FBI help tagonDya ?? irli irli.

Manjesh said...

awesome!!! thnx 2 u 2 for answering the Out Of syllabus questions :) nimage bonus points!!!

namma Karthik saha full n full SAPatma.

@ kishan: thanQ thanQ :) huu kaNlaa blog.nallE ondu kaDe ittu :) akasmAtAgi nanna kaNNige bittu :D

@karthik: ninagU thanQ thanQ :) CIA/FBI gaLe nanna help tagoLtaaraMte *noDoNa nambtaaro ilvo*
idE reeti innenaadru investigation maDbekiddre nannanna kELu :D

Praveen said...

nanagEnO daal mein kuchh kaala lag raha hai.. ninna enO kELbEku... raatri phone haaktini :D

Manjesh said...

NighooDa rahasya - bhAga 2 thara idEno idu hosa twist koDtideeya storynalli *hypnotized*

Anonymous said...

No fair... people choosing to be anonymous must be allowed to remain anonymous!!!!!


Manjesh said...

dear anonymous,
thnx for visting my blog. hope u will have fun time out here. alrite alrite, lemme not disturb ur anonymity :)