Thursday, October 27, 2005

Color Color Colorsu , Fall Colorsu

Its been a while since I last blogged(bugged ;) ). Well, u know what I would be saying, so better not say it :D Even in this busy schedule one thing doesn't go unnoticed. Well yea, it is the fall colors. You must be aware of the starting scene of the movie "Mohabattein", those brown leaves fallin' in slow motion... that is exactly what I see everyday when I walk from my apartment to department. Just can't capture that beauty on a photograph. On one side, you feel so good that it is such a picturesque view, but on the other side, you feel so sorry that this beauty will be wiped out within no time :(. There is nothing more special than walking in a winter day, looking at the grey sky n brown leaves n dreaming about California by humming the Perfect song for the perfect setting. It is none other than "California Dreaming" by "Mamas and the Papas". This song was also used as a soundtrack in one of my alltime fav movie "Forrest Gump".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Film Actor Ramesh on phone!!!

"naanu Ramesh, USA inda"

Yesterday nite @ 8:30PM i got a phone call from Sridhar saying that he would me meeting Film Actor Ramesh (in California) in 30min and he also asked me to see if I could try to stream it LIVE in our Kannada Kasturi 24/7 Radio station. The deal was I will set up the live feed from my laptop to our radio mainstream n Ramesh will talk to our radio listeners. I got everything setup for streaming in a very short *really short* span of time (thanx to praveen for helping me in testing it) and I even installed VOIP Buster to make a phone call from my PC so that I could stream my soundcard output to the radio. All set up n i just called up n Sridhar asked me to talk to Ramesh. For a second I was like MAAAAANNNN, i'm blank.. I went into a shock. Ramesh took the phone and
RAMESH: HI!! naanu Ramesh USA inda
Neo a.k.a Manjesh: namskara Ramesh sir, hEgideera?
Ramesh: naanu bombat
Neo: hEge naDitide nimma america concertgaLu
Ramesh: tumba chennagi naDitide
Neo: nimma hosa chalana chitra "Rama Shama Bhaama" hEge naDitide
Ramesh: Rama Shama Bhaama innu release aagilla alva
Neo: *nagutta* houdu... release aagilla gottu... naanu ee chitrada pubicity bagge keLtidde. tumba jOraagi naDitirbekalva
Ramesh: *nagutta* haa houdu houdu... Rama Shama Bhaama chitrada pubilicity tumba chennagide. neevellarU ee chitravanna nOdi prOtsaahisabEku. namage tumba kutoohala ide nimma reaction hEgirutte anta.
Neo: nammellara prOtsaaha yaavagalU iddE irutte sir
Ramesh: thank you thank you
Neo: eevaga namma Internet radio station 24hrs online service ide, eevaga saakashtu online listeners saha neevu maataDtiruvudanna LIVEaagi keLtaa idaare
Ramesh: oh houda
Neo: avarigaagi neevu ondu message heLbeku anta naavu keLkoLtaa ideevi
Ramesh: Kannada gella Ramesh maaDuva namaskaragaLu....
*keek*----line disconnects

I felt so bad that I missed the most interesting part. I got really angry @ VOIP Buster software. Atleast, I was happy that I almost made it possible in the short span of time, working with 10different windows on my laptop ;)

*This was the first ever LIVE conversation in our radio station*. Now we know the pitfalls n next time, we know what to do to take care of it;)

PS: Ramesh is currently in USA for "Kannada Manoranjani" program to be performed in many big cities in USA. For details visit: