Monday, February 06, 2006

My First Website

1999 was the time when DotCom zoom was at the top gear. That was the time when what ever you touch would turn into gold. That was the time when every parent wanted their kids to develop some website and make big bucks. At a tender age of 18 when u see that anyone can make money by just putting up a webpage, then one will get a feeling that in life, money making is a piece of cake! I wasn't far from it either. Even I had the dream to bake the cake ;) and infact I did try to bake it. As a result, I developed my first website . It had (and still has? ) some pretty good content. This website development went on for a while and as the days passed by, the DotCom bubble got burst(pls don't click on any of those ads *lol* ). My webpages were stranded without any updates...even till-date.
Couple of days back when I was thinking what exactly did I learn in my Engineering, the first thing that struck me was my website. I had completely forgot about this website URL. But it didn't take long time for me 2 find it because of the naming conventions that I use.
After a span of 6 years I have rediscovered *My_first_website*. Did anyone of you try to do some similar *bake the cake* stuff? If yes, URL pls :D
Pls don't forget to comment on the UI design of *My_First_Website* ;)


enigma said...

I was far from baking such cakes.
Your URL has a weird naming convention.... can you explain it to us! I did visit your page....nice stuff.. typical what an engineering student would put up..

Kishan said...

hmmm... avaga Website maadodhu ondh thara joshu!
one of my Classmate and his friends had come up with a site called "" . I used to think they were all hi-funda guys....Well they were, I suppose..

Manji, thaavu ashte, a category ge serthira!

"naanu trical hudga alwa adhikke, iga software coolie admele idhella full easy namma!" *Dr. Vittal Rao (silli lalli) Shtyle*

Manjesh said...

hehe... nothing weird about it.
cseng = ComputerScience&ENGineering
"8m" is the free webhosting server name.
I wanted the name to be just "cse", but there was a restriction on the length of the domain name.

Thanx! :)

Manjesh said...

wow...seems like a pretty gud name. btw currently enu site down aagiro haagide :P

hehe...chennagi heLde. *kaliyo varegu bramha vidye, kalitamele kOti vidye* annohaagide :P

Anonymous said...

manji, cennagide kaNo :D
me also created a site when i was in 11th :)

Anonymous said...

forgot to leave my name :P
Pammi here ;)

Manjesh said...

hey thanx maga anAmika a.k.a Pammi! ninna website(innu badukiddre) URL haako :D

Praveen said...

The only kind of bakin' that I used to do was.. "cooking bELE in front of lalanA maNis"!! And more often than not.. it used to get burnt!! ;) Oh well!!

Manjesh said...

hehe... guess one has to learn from his mistakes. jaasti hottu bELE bEyisidare haage aagodu ;)
ondu sarti bELE roast aadre enaitante, "maraLi yatnava maaDu".

Karthik said...

Hmm .. olle kathe.. sakkt dabba thara ide site.. ahaha.. aa left pane menu nodi nakku nakku saakaaytu..

eega KA thara site maintain maaDtideeya andre sakkat kushi aagatte..

by the.. I am coming back .. to blogloka

Manjesh said...

@Karthik: thanx for the comments :D
btw... aa webpage nalli avinash website link saha ide observe maDidya?

anywayz..good 2 know that u r back 2 blogging!