Monday, April 18, 2005

Birthday Time!!!!

Happy Birthday to u Praveena!!!! Hope u r havin' fun. Its ur day, enjoy it to the max.

Not only that, it was my cousin Rahul's Birthday on 16th April!!! Things were gettin' so busy that I cudn't even call him up to wish on this b'day. Don't worry dude, ur gifts n chocolates r on the way n will be in home pretty soon ;)

So finally we successfully accomplished the Food Fest 2005 , which was the last event from our India Students Association committee. It was a huuuge success... The event was scheduled from 6-9PM on 16th April, n we had printed like 450coupons. But it turned to be that we sold almost 1000 coupons n the food was over within a matter of an hour and a half. The worst part was that there were some more pple who were going to each n every stall to see if something is left :)) I had made BANGALORE SPL BISI BELE BATH and it was over within 45min ;) All the profits will go to the Tsunami Relief Fund. As I am the Treasurer of ISA, I've become richer :D n will show u the balance sheet pretty soon. The next ISA committee will take charge from the end of this semester.
PS: pls don't forget to have a look at the Food Fest 2005 Pics :) (chix, next time ;) )

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