Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Unexpected B'day cake

Y'day nite, just b4 sleeping, i got an oppurtunity to eat chocolate cake!!!! It was one of our Apartment Block mate's B'day... (whose father what goes) :)

Today, I finally completed the NAANU T-shirt design which I wanted to do it for a long long time now. Wanna see it? Nah.. no way... I will get it printed on a t-shirt n then I will show it to everyone :)

Donno how lucky was I today financially, that I got to see atleast 10cheques moving around me of which 5 of them were for me ;) until I realised that it was already 1st of March n I had to pay this month rent :( Any donations around??? :D

I was trying to burn a CD on my laptop and the burn process used to fail after some time(this is not the first time it has happenend). Then I wanted to try the Compaq chat support, and so did I. I mean, i wasn't impressed with the chat support at all. sux big time :( Thought I would get a replacement, but not yet :) I am pretty sure this writer is counting its days (to reach sivana paada). Who cares, when i've got 3yrs replacement insurance with me for my laptop ;)

To be honest with you, though Orkut is such a huge community, it sux bigtime as it takes such a long time to display pages. I am planning on reducing the number of visits I make to orkut daily. I am fed up seeing the same old "BAD SERVER: NO DONUT FOR U" msg :(


Karthik said...

hmm .. yummyy chocolate cake.. nangillvaa???

wow.. is it Mar 1?? where is my check ?

ORKUT .. yes it sux.. I registered.. but I never login now.. goobe thara ide.. Dabba ..

Manjesh said...

Next B'day bandaaga kanDita heLteeni, flight hiDkonDu bandubiDu aaita :)

orkut ge innondu hesaru "YEKKUT"... yekkuT orkuT ;)

Karthik said...

yekkuTT orkut ... good one