Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lack of Communication leads to bad haircut :(

Yesterday I was so depressed with my haircut. Just a few days back I had uploaded a pic with my new hairstyle. I wanted to have a haircut and when I went to that saloon, I told him to short on the sides n medium at front n top. bugger he has cut my hair short from all sides :(( 15 bux for a sloppy haircut, i have decided not to go for an haircut for atleast next 4months n get back my new hairstyle. The worst part is that the spring break is just around the corner :(

Today I came to know that our Ajay Kumar, popularly called as SaapaD Rama, quit Aspire Technologies, Mysore n now he has joined HP developement centre, Bangalore. 3.8K PA ante sambaLa :D Congraats on your new job dude!!!!


Karthik said...

man... be happy he saved you some money ... ( ki ki ki )...

You should have 'bODi.ed' your head.. that would have been better

Manjesh said...

hehe... yea i can save some money for my next haircut and if i had boDi.ed by head, then it wud have redefined my new hairstyle..LOL