Friday, March 04, 2005

Successful Tutor :)

Today, I couldn't go to office as I had to take my friends for driving test. Yes!!!! both of them cleared the driving test :) Congrats guys!!!! Then we all went to Chipotle to have lunch( going there after a span of 1yr or so).

In the 733 Lab, we were trying to play with a Card Reader. Though it was fun, the end result was bad, we couldn't retrieve the data on the card.. guess there is some problem with the card reader :( Need to check with another card reader next week :)

My best buddy has sent me a Gruhapravesham invitation.... congraats Arthi!!!!! Finally got what you always wanted to own one . Hey thnx for sending me the pix of ur new house in advance. Arthi used to live very close to my house, but now she is relocating to a far off place (i guess 20min, say 15min for me :D , from my house now :( ) . Hey arthi, don't forget to send me the pix of gruhapravesham as well. waitin' for it :)

Bharath Kumar (a.k.a Baari ) has purchased a new cell phone, who is currently in Houston TX working for Schlumbeger from Infy. The best part was, he called me up tonite and we spoke for about 30min and only when I hung up, I realised that I forgot to take his cellphone number :D

Hey u know what, today I got hold of the movie "Tarle Nan Maga" which I was trying to trace from a long long time. Now I am merging all the bits and do a divx conversion so that I can put it up on the forum for everyone to download :)

Finished an assignment just now(which was due tomorrow :D). Going to have some gud sleep. =;

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