Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Morning Raga

If you think that you are fed up listening to Country/Hip-Hop/Rock/Trance music, why don't you try a Fusion album? Recently, I came across one such album "Morning Raga" which is a classical fusion(Thanks to Praveen). Morning Raga is a hindi movie released in the year 2004, though I haven't seen that movie till now, tell you what, the songs in this movie are pretty cool. The songs that I liked the most in this album are
1. Jagadodharana - Bombay Jayashree
2. Thaye yeshode - Sudha Raghunathan & Rajini ramakrishnan
3. Mathey - Sudha Raghunathan & Kalyani Menon
4. Samaja varagamana - Gayathri

If you wanna listen to these songs, you can find it on or use this link
PS: this link works for only 7days and there is also a limit of 25downloads.

If this album has influenced a person like me who is always behind hip-hop/R&B/Techno/Rock, then you can know for yourself the potential this album has got.
Why wait?? Headphone on, full volume n enjoy the Morning Raga!!!

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