Thursday, May 19, 2005

With less powers comes less responsibilities?

"With great powers, comes great responsiblities" - from the movie Spiderman.
It has been 1 year holding the Treasurer/webmaster position at the India Students Association in our university. Our term started off with a mere 43$ in the ISA account and today we have handed over nearly 2K(not in Rs :D) to the new ISA committee, inspite of spending on every possible event you can think of, thanx to all our committee members!!! But at the end of the day, I could not answer one simple question "What did you get by doing so much?" is it name? or fame? or satisfaction? or just waste of time?. Now, all I can say is that i'm done with it :)

Same day i've quit as Admin @ forum. i've achieved what I wanted before I quit. I know it was a harsh decision. anywayz... is now in a position to maintain its #1 position even without me ;) gr8 going!!! Now its like you know, i need not have really worry about anything.. relaxed, calm, no worries, no barriers, no rules!!! and my mind is like a freshly formatted Hard disk.

oh I forgot... what do you think? "with less powers, comes less responsibilities?"


Anonymous said...

yakke biTTU mate baMde aMta tiLilla... No. 1 talupida takShaNNa ninna kelasa mugillilla innu bahaLa keLsa ide bakki ..summne alle iru admin hagi ninna mela kaNNu iTidini

Manjesh said...

kelavu sarti matte vaapas barabekaaguva paristi bandodagutte aavaga yaaru enU maaDakkagalla.

elli tanaka nimmantavara support irutto, alliyavaregu KA #1 aagiye irutte. *seriously*

KA #1 talupodakku, naanu vaapas barodakku enu sambhanda anta nanage gottaglilla.

anywayzzz.. nanna mele kaNNu iDabekendukonDre, be my guest ;)

Manjesh said...

thnx for visitin' my blog!!!