Friday, May 06, 2005

Manji gettin' upgraded with new cellphone!!!

"T-Mobile inda ee Manji mobile aagtidaane, inna neevu?" - this is similar to the one in which actor Srinath was saying for JTM long time ago.

Y'day nite I placed an order for T-mobile 600min/month with Unltd weekends n nights plan with Nokia 3220 cellphone. Thought 3220 is not that gr8 interms of looks, I am gettin' all the features that I wanted like.. its a TriBand phone with IR port, light weight, SpeakerPhone n on top of that its pretty cheap n the total cost will turn out to be that i'll get back $100. I'd say its Perfect for pple whose bank balance is hovering around two-digits n single-digits (chukles ).

See these links for more info on the cellphone

My other Options were
Samsung E715 & Nokia 6600. E715 was pretty gud with lotsa good looking features which i don't use at all.. but it didn't have the essential features that i wanted n i had to stick with 3220. Nokia 6600 was my first option earlier, but then that phone was not available currently + it was a bit expensive as well.

Will write a detailed review on Nokia3220 once I get it. till then

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