Monday, June 13, 2005

Saturday Surprise

On saturday, i called up vasanta's house and as usual i tried to play a prank and i was in for a total surprise. the conversation was something like this:

aakaDe: hello
eekaDe: hello... en maaDtideera.. gottaita yaaru maataDtirodu anta
aakaDe: illa gottaglilvalla
eekaDe: (suddenly i realised it wasn't vasanta on phone)
aakaDe: naanu Malathi Sharma maataDtirodu
eekaDe: (abba... i was a shock of a lifetime... then after a brief pause)
namskara, hegaitu ella concert.gaLu
MS : oh!! tumba chennagi naDitu ella concert.gaLu
eekaDe: so next week matte LA.nalli concert ide alva
MS : houdu... sanjith bandideevi, next week hogabeku
eekaDe: full confuse aagirbekalva nimage naanu yaaru anta.
MS : haa... neevu yaaru anta gottaglilla
eekaDe: anywayz... nanna hesaru manjesh anta heLi, naanu nirvaahaka
MS : oh houdaaa... tumba khushi aaitu... neevu tumba oLLe kelsa maaDtideera
neo : thumba DV.gaLu :) naavu namma kayyalli aadashTu kelsa maaDideevi... aadre idakke nimmantavara support beku
MS : namma support yaavaglu idde irutte.
neo : nimma karyakramagaLanna koDteera anta keLi tumba kushi aaitu :)
MS : houdu :)
anda haage vasanta avru devaramaneyalli pooje maaDtidaare
Neo : oh houdaa... naanu avarige matte phone maaDteeni biDi :)
andahaage naanu nimmanna bheti aagabekittu last week, but naanu baro correct.time ge neevu chicago kaDe hogbittri, meet maaDakkaaglilla :(
MS : houdu... concerts ittu
Neo : sari haagiddre matte bheti aagoNa.. nimma jote maataaDi nanaga tumba khushi aaitu
MS : nanagu ashTe.. tumba khushi aaitu
Neo : sigona haagiddre... byee =;
MS : byee =;

it was really a gr8 experience talking to her. *thumbsup*


Karthik said...

wooo coool kaNo ... sakkattallva... u urself got pranked

Kishan said...

First of All malathi Sharma yaaru antha gothaglilla...

And ithara chamak haakakke hogi naaave sikhakoladdhakke "Self Goal" antha karthivi...

Namma frnds circle nalli I am very well known for scoring self goals...

Welcome to the Club manji!!

Manjesh said...

malathi sharma bagge gottilla andre ee article noDu. :)
self goal tumba hoDiyalvo. tumba dinagaLa nantara idu first time :(

Kishan said...

naanathu moor hotthu football pitch nalle irthinappa...:)

Karthik said...

Kishana bhaavageete kELO abhyaasa illva ?

Kishan said...

keLthini, prayashaha a hesaru innu manadhalli register agilla yaako...

Manjesh said...

mattomme All India Radio.da sugama saMgeeta karyakramagaLanna keLu.. aavaga ninna manadalli register aadru aagabahudu ;)

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