Saturday, September 17, 2005

iPod Nano - Sneak Peek

All you music freaks must be eagerly waiting to see what iPod Nano has to offer. I did get an oppurtunity to have a look at it in our university electronics store and here is my view on it.

1. No doubt, iPod nano is ultra light weight, compact and looks cool.
2. Cost wise $250 for a 4Gig nano (and $200 for 2Gig nano) seems to be reasonable considering the improvements with respect to looks from iPod mini to iPod nano.
3. iPod nano comes with a color display.
4. Another major addition is that you can store and view photos.
5. Everything else is the similar to iPod mini.

On the other hand,
1. iPod nano is a flash based mp3 player. One major advantage of using flash for storage would obviously be the size of it, which they have utilized it properly. However, Apple claim that nano gives 14hrs battery life which I feel was pretty less for a flash based mp3 player because of the fact that it has a color LCD screen. Hope they can improvise on that cuz battery life is very crucial for an mp3 player.
2. Technology wise I feel iPod doesn't want to provide built-in FM tuners and voice recoder features to keep their accessory sales going strong. Though it is a very good strategy for now, it may lose out to its competitors who provide all-in-one mp3 players for much lower price if they come up with products in size smaller like iPod nano.
3. I feel the height of this product should be reduced by a small amout to make it look even better.

Now what about SONY's walkman?
Sony will be launching their oval shaped flash based mp3 players as an answer to iPod nano sometime in november this year. Though its too early to compare these two products, I feel once again it is too late for Sony to launch their products and it is losing its customers in this fast track market :( Will it continue to happen like this or will Sony change their strategies?..only time should answer this question.

But right now, all I can say is that "ipod Nano should be a perfect gift item for your near and dear ones...go...get one n gift one"


Praveen said...

Awesome... so when am I gonna get one*sweet sweet aagi kaN miTiksing* btw. nice information.. gotto check 'em out.. plannin' to buy some "music on the go" stuffs!!! Lemme see! Btw. that song from Deadly just deadly dude!!! Lovin' it and hearin' it again and again :D

Manjesh said...

*clearning throat*
u will get one when pretty soon from someone. But pls its not for you, just give it in India..hehe j/k. yaakla tensionnu, koDtaare irlaa.

Deadly soma's UsirE usirU song nanna mp3 playernalli yedva tadva loop aagtide. really cool song.
aamele Swamy film.du - Minchina Sinchana kELu

Anonymous said...

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